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My name is Olaf Harrbergs and I am the agent of the company VK GROUP. 
1.Corporate Advisory Work
2.Business Projects Funding
A. Loan Terms
B. Working Procedure
C. Six Tips to Get Attention of a Lender
D. Preliminary Work with Client
E. What Must Be in Your Business Plan
F. Guidelines for a Perfect Business Plan
You came to the place of opportunities where you can:
- find funds for your business project
- get professionally made Business Plan for your project
- receive expert review and analysis of your Business Plan
- find a business partner
- get market anlysis of your business/service
- get help with business negotiations or trade contracts
- receive professional working advises regarding your business management
All this and more you can get if you contact us.
We are long established banking consultants and business advisors. Within our firm we have many years experience in banking, finance and business at high levels.

Our expertise extends across the spectrum of financing, legal and business matters enabling us to provide a
comprehensive range of services including:

Business projects funding worldwide (even without any upfront loan security, for details please look at the  section Loan Terms.)
Business Plan preparation and review
Corporate advisory work
                  -  trade contracts
                  -  negotiations
                  -  market research
                  -  partner finding
                  -  management consulting

Our features are:
--- The fast confidential service
--- The no-nonsense approach
--- The clear way and plain language in which we conduct our business

We operate on an international basis and, over the years, have acted for our clients in most parts of the world on a diverse range of projects.

We believe we offer a highly prefessional service to all of our clients with  whom we look to develop a close working relationship always with total confidentiality.

To discuss your individual needs, or for more information, please contact us at your convenience.

Meantime you are welcome to read more detailed information about our services:

Business Projects Funding
Everything you need to know for you who looks for the funds for your business idea!
Corporate Advisory Work
Wide range of consulting services for small, medium and big businesses.
If you are looking for funds for your business project, contact us and we'll help you with the right investor.
Send us e-mail message with the subject of the request, the name of contact person and your contact information.
If you have ready Business Plan or Executive Summary please attach them to speed the process.