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Currently moderator of the Google group coconut knowledge network and the Coconut Time Line, having been an agricultural scientist since graduation in 1962, with practical experience in 28 countries:

England (1962-67; 1988-89; 1997-98; 2002 to date)

Caribbean (10 years in Jamaica) and Latin America (4 years in Mexico)

South and Southeast Asia (5 years in Thailand)

The Pacific (5 years in Papua New Guinea)

The Middle East and Africa (6 years in Tanzania).

Member or team leader in over 25 research, development and consultant projects for national, bilateral, international, commercial, and ecological organizations concerned with smallholder and plantation tree crops.

Have set-up and run personal computers and fixed hardware and software problems under difficult conditions. Currently moderating internet groups on coconut - lethal yellowing, people and coconuts, pests, etc.

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Specialist knowledge in production of disease resistant and improved planting material by breeding and tissue culture; from coconut and oil palm in the humid tropics to cashew, date palm and frankincense in the arid tropics.

In Jamaica, developed a commercial method to breed Maypan, a lethal yellowing resistant, windstorm tolerant F1 hybrid coconut that is still used today.

A member of national and international scientific and agricultural societies, experienced in exchange of knowledge and skills, attitudes and beliefs between farmers and researchers using integrated crop management (ICM) and farming systems research (FSR) approaches.

Author or co-author of over 150 publications ranging from confidential consultancy reports to public domain articles and from practical instructions in agricultural magazines to academic theses in international scientific journals and chapters in text books. The most recent activity, a 8,500 record annotated database, the Coconut Time Line will be regularly updated and freely available.

Parts of this Web site are still under construction. Ask if you want to know more.

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