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"Dracula: the Series" was a goofily charming little television show starring Geordie Johnson and Bernard Behrens which aired in 1990 (and again recently on the Sci-Fi Channel). Johnson played a modern-day Dracula ("Alexander Lucard") who spent his days terrorizing the world of high finance and his nights doing the same to the local countryside. Behrens played his nemesis, elderly but lively vampire hunter Gustav Helsing. Lucard had long before turned Gustav's son, Klaus, into a vampire and his assistant in villainy; Gustav was dedicated to rescuing him, much against Klaus's own will. For more information, visit the exhaustive Lucard's Home Page.

"Dracula: the Series" was in some ways a strange show. It combined light-hearted family entertainment with the exploration of surprisingly grim themes. This page is intended as a home for D:tS fanfic, particularly slash (homoerotic fanfiction), which addresses the darker side of the show and therefore may not be suitable for Lucard's Home Page. If you are not of legal age in your country to read sexually explicit or violent material or find the concept of slash offensive, you should not read these stories. (Lucard's Home Page has an excellent selection of general-audience stories you may wish to consult instead.) If you are of age and ready to take responsibility for your reading choices, you may continue on to the archive. Submissions welcomed at the address below.

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Photos courtesy Laura W. Petix (Lucard and pair images) and K'lin KaShante (Klaus alone and Dr. Varney images).

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