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Hello. We're back, and better than ever. We're currently finishing up the writing process on several new songs to be recorded in the very near future by our very own Mr. William Hesser. In addition to (5) new songs, we will be re-recording 3 older songs.

Also, we have new
shirts (w/ a new design) designed by Mr. Mark Hesterlee (thanks!) and they are totally awesome and if you don't buy you're just not very cool. (and they're only $10). You can pick one up at any show. Along with our old demo, which we will sell until we run out.

Furthermore, it has probably now come to your attention and to ours that Mary Jane's Fat Cat's / Walter's are closing down indefinitely. This is a sad time for us, as these are a couple of our favorite venues. We hope they can pull through and start having shows as soon as possible. Until then, we're not quite sure where our show with Through the Eyes of the Dead will be, but we'll definitely keep you informed.

And don't forget to check out our
Much love,

Hi there.
We have added a few pics from our latest show, and some from an older show so check them shits out.

Also we have quite a few shows planned in the coming months, we still have to iron out a few details but please be checking our shows page and/or our
myspace for show dates and details.

Well hello again everybody. It's been far too long since an update, and we sincerely apologize. In current news, we have a show this Friday (July 15th) at Fat Cat's with some cool bands, more info is in the shows section. Also we regretably had to drop of the show this Saturday at the Dark Room, for those of you up to date on that stuff.

We are getting very near to recording a new EP, so be on the look out for new material!

Pictures from our last show at Fat Cat's will be up in the next few days, until then remember to check out myspace because we update that more regularly than this crappy site.

Much love,

Hello all! Not much to update here at the Ardor camp.
William and Harrison have joined "
As Eden Burns" permanently. WIlliam on just vocals, Harrison on guitar.

Ardor will continue being a band of course, so be on the look out for more shows and a new demo within the next few months.

We have a show tomorrow in Baytown, so that should be fun, and the next day (Saturday April 23) we're playing a nice little shindig downtown at the Polk Warehouse, details can be found on the front page of this website, or at