FAH's photo album of various hooligan attacks both in the UK and abroad: www.oocities.com/harrold/hooligans.htm

Fans Against Hooliganism is a web site brought you you by real football fans that respect and worship the game of football in England and want to get rid of this small minority of idiots causing trouble in our football grounds throughout the UK.

Football hooliganism remains a potential threat to the enjoyment of the game, both nationally and internationally. 

We intend to use this web site to highlight these groups of hooligans and expose them to the fullest.

Please use our forum to share information about known hooligans or groups operating in the UK or express your views on what we can do to stamp out these fools.

Hooligans now in the year of 2002 use the internet to help exchange information on meeting places before matches, and arranging mass brawls with rival fans etc.

It is almost as if these people are kids playing a game of armies, over a football match? These hooligans are not football fans they are criminals and thugs and spoil our name in British football.

This is a card usually left by Swansea hooligans after a fight.

Portsmouth Skull Patrol - PSP 

There are many more of these cards from rival hooligan groups

We are listing these sites to make them known to people instead of them being hidden away under ground.

British Hooligan web sites
Aberdeen Soccer Casuals 1980
Airdrie Hooligans Section B
Bolton) BWFC Cuckooboys
Born in England Live in England Die in England
Bristol City the CSF
Bristol Rovers Gas Hit Squad
Cardiff City Barmy Army
Cardiff City Soul Crew
Casual Culture
Charlton Athletic) Anna Addick
Chelsea Headhunters
Cleethorpes Beach Patrol
Cleethorpes Beach Patrol
Derby DaysNieuw
England Youth
England Youth Nieuw
England Youth Online
Football Hooligan
Gresty Road Casuals
In The Know
Lincoln Transit EliteNieuw
Man City Guvnors
Mansfield Shady Express
No Surrender
Nuneaton Borough FC TVAC
Real Football Hooligans
SCFC Swansea Football Boys
SCFC Swansea)The Swansea Jacks
Scunthorpe Uniteds Top Firm
Small Minority
Soccer Hooligan
Soccer Violence
Soulcrew Good Old Days
Terrace Banter
Terrace Culture
Terrace Trouble
The Bollocks
The General
The Terrace Casual
View From The Terrace
York City Nomads

Policeman suffers a bloody nose from hooligans


We will list a few known sites that these idiots go to on the internet to arrange fights and spoil the game of football for us REAL fans:

Hooligan Forums and Chats

Searching these forums you may stumble across some information about meets between rival hooligan groups if you do please use our forum and post it so people are made aware.

www.in-theknow.co.uk - this web site forum is used by hooligans to arrange meets etc.

http://categoryc.cjb.net/ - web forum for the likes of chelsea head hunters and the soul crew, cardiff fans and other hooligan groups.

http://www.ravelly.com/members/mcfc2001/ - Manchester City FC Hooligan forum.

http://www.angelfire.com/blues/chelseaheadhunters - Head hunters

http://www.oocities.com/swansealads/  (Has been removed over night) Hahaha

Trouble breaks out at Coventry

Riot police called in

We want to stop scenes like the above happening, this site is made to embarrass these people.

Football Hooligan
View from the Terrace
In The Know
stoke city under 5s
Leicester Baby Squad
Chelsea Headhunters
Smart But Casual
Casual Culture
Riots Online
Stanley Video
Soccer Fans Info Page
Terrace Culture
Chelsea Hooligans
Zulu Army
England Youth New!
AVFC Hardcore New!
Swansea jackarmy New!
England till I die New!
Gresty Road Casuals New!
ICF New!
BWFC Cuckooboys New!
Zulu Youths New!

Premier League Firm Links

Aston Villa - Villa Hardcore
Bolton - Cuckoo Boys
Chelsea - Head Hunters
Chelsea - Chelsea Hooligan
Leeds - Service Crew
Leicester - Baby Squad
Liverpool - Hooligan Division
Sunderland - Seaburn Message Board
Tottenham - Spurs 180

Divisions 1 & 2 Firm Links

Birmingham City - Zulu Army
Crewe - GRC
Man City - Message Board
Millwall - The Lions Den
Preston - Preston Youth Firm
Walsall - KOEYS
WBA - Section 5 Message Board
Wolves - Subway Army
Bristol City - CSF
Bristol City - Cyber Casuals
Cardiff City - Soul Crew
Cardiff City - CCSC Barmy Army
Oldham Athletic - Fine Young Casuals
QPR - West Londons Finest
Stoke City - Under 5s
Swindon Town - Gusset Hunters Message Board
Wycombe - Youth Casuals

Division 3 & Conference Firm Links

Bristol Rovers - GHS(1)
Bristol Rovers - GHS(2)
Bristol Rovers - Rovers Boys
Darlington - Jamie Mash
Hull - Hulltras
Hull - Hull Message Board
Luton - MIGS
Mansfield - Shady Express
Scunthorpe - True Iron
Swansea - Jack Army
Swansea - Swansea Hooligans
Swansea - The Swansea Jacks
Torquay - Youth Squad
York - Minstermen on tour (not firm)
Chester City - Message Board

If anyone has any other links to hooligan sites please let us know: 


Are you a fan with intelligence?

If so Please contact the football intelligence unit at NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Service)

Hooligan Hotline 0800 515 495

 Do you know anyone anyone planning trouble?
 Do you know where they will be meeting before or after the game?
 Do you know how they will get there?
 Do you know who their mates are?

Anyone with information, please call the 24 hour confidential Football Hooligan Hotline on Freephone 0800 515 495