All work 1999-2000 Ted M. and Caroline C.

Fan Creations

Author: Ted M.

Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets

By J.K. Rowling

Rating: Five Wands

My character is Professor
Gilderoy Lockhart. Professor
of Defense Against the Dark
Arts and his character traits

Coward, Vain, Smart, Story-
Teller, and Ambitious.

Author: Caroline C.

Look for more artwork, stories, poems, etc. coming soon!  If you have any Harry Potter crafts like pictures your drew or stories you wrote, you can scan them and e-mail them to me.  I will post them on this page.  Please keep the artwork coming, and thanks to those who sent me some already.  Also keep in mind: this work is NOT available for distribution.  If it is found anywhere else on the web, besides the Centerville School website, the owner(s) will be contacted immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

All work copyright 1999
  Ted M. and Caroline C.