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(It's just a nickname lol im not obsessed with him)
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Lol that mario music is SOO GHETTO!!!(Sorry if you hate it lol!) But anywho...., ahoy-hoy! Ha ha THE MAN is trying to shut my site down but i wont let him, because this is my website, and i make the rules here! Its not very good yet, cuz this is my first website and i probly suck at building them lol. But hopefully it will get better. I'll probably just put whatever i want on the site, so expect a lot of different things lol. I dont think ill put ne porno or viruses or fetishes (yuck fetishes r gross!) on the site, but a lot of other crap will hopefully be on it. Oky doky, have fun with the site, and its alright if u steal pics, cuz some ppl will sue, but dont worry, i wont sue your ass into the ground lol. Cya!
Hahaha Spongebob's the greatest ain't he? (and i know i went a little overboard with the marios lol, but its my site, and i can do what i want! If you dont like it, just leave lol)
People who want their names on my site:
Sheena, Christine, Monica, Kaleigh, Tyler, Geoff, Jenna, Ben
-Mario Bros. Castle Music (lol this is a great one)
-Tropical Mario Bros. Theme (So Caribean)
-Mario Bros. Underground Theme (A Classic)
-Remixed Star Theme (Used for the Credits)