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The Alternative Press and Radio Council
ALTERNATIVE INFO was the newsletter of the A.P.R.C. It was published infrequently, and each Fanzine member took his/her turn at editing an issue. This proved interesting because although the general "template" was the same, each issue took on the character of editor, and had it's own unique qualities.
The newsletter contained editorial content, band/club/fanzine info and contacts, comix, artwork, poetry, and the few ads we could solicit. Copies were free, and mostly distributed at shows and through the mailings of the individual editors. Member editors included:
Bob Z. -
Bad News Fanzine, Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover
Jim Testa -
New Jersey Beat , Spike - Hardcore 4 NJ
Harry Baggs -
Earwax, Rich Haviland - Extra Cyst
Mike Riot -
Bullshit Monthly, Brian Shapiro - Cancer
Wendy Eager -
Guillotine, Gene Temesy - Dangerous Rhythms
Donny The Punk -
MR&R (NY Scene Report)
Tse-Tse-Fly, Mike Spats - Spats
Dan the D.A. -
Smash Apathy, Joe Britz - Worthless
The A.P.R.C. was a short lived project that struggled for recognition during the height of the NJ/NY/CT Punk & Harcore scene (roughly 1985-1987). It's purpose was to "unite" the various factions and resources in the local scene into a collective of sorts (much like it's big brother in Berkley, CA.) and provide a one-stop source for bands, fanzines, clubs, poets, artists, and other "counter-culture" entities in the area to communicate and get info on shows, events, and other usefull information.

The primary players in the A.P.R.C. were:
Pat Duncan (WFMU) - President
Donny The Punk - Vice President
John Bello - Vice President (Radio)
Paula Hitchcock - Treasurer
Jim Testa - Correspondent
Glen Dornfield - Council
Gary Tse Tse Fly - Deputy Coordinator

After a while, the A.P.R.C. seemed to get a little too "heavy" for itself and ended up displaying more rhetoric than alternatives, a lack of interest (from within & without), and folded as any good anarchistic assembly was bound to do anyway. A glance through "minutes" of any A.P.R.C. meeting was enough to turn anyone off to membership, and almost bordered on nothing short of Punk "rule" makers (gathered together in a cave grooving with a Pict). Meetings were chaotic, wherever we could hold them (sometimes on the street), sometimes informative, and somewhat fun.
Nonetheless...The A.P.R.C. did have it's accomplishments; It was a great source of info for the tri-state Punk community by publishing it's
DIRECTORY on a frequent basis. The directory included band, radio, club, and fanzine contact info.
OPEC-SID HOTLINE was established to provide 24-hour show and event listings (although this became a burden that noone was excited about hosting), and the A.P.R.C. hosted several benefit shows - the foremost of which was held at CBGB's (for the A.P.R.C.) and resulted in the release of the "Mutiny On The Bowery" Comp LP whic included performances by ADRENOLIN O.D., STISISM, CHRONIC DISORDER, DAMAGE, and several other local acts. In the end, even this release was riddled with controversy and punk politics.It's anyone's guess where the "benefits" went?

The A.P.R.C. logo depicts two Punks standing under the umbrella of the A.P.R.C. - a rather bold image, because in reality, Punk by it's own nature didn't want to stand under "any" umbrella. Good intentions - but little impact on Punk reality. Regardless, many of the people are still "very" active in the Punk scene today, continue to make things happen, and would rather stand in the rain doing so.
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