"a very insipid brand of melodramatic rock"*


Thanks to everyone who has emailed me - it's always nice to have one's existence validated (and I mean the existence of the website, not of myself as a person - you should know by now that Harry Duck is a figment of Glenn's imagination, a mere second cousin to Scrooge and only distantly related by marriage to Donald).

Unfortunately, I have some very bad news... this site is going to be shut down fairly soon, because we will be changing providers. Thank Alphalink for their new policy of reserving the right to read everyone's emails... yay for privacy and all that jazz. I don't know when or where the site will be re-established. If you are in the habit of coming in occasionally to check out the latest news from a mere five months ago, there's two options. First, I will probably let the augiemarch yahoogroups list know when this site is back up - so you can always join the group (details are here). Alternatively, if you aren't part of the group and don't wish to be, yet want to know when the site comes back up, then email me. I will notify everyone I have the details of about the new site - so if you've sent an email already about anything, then that's fine, I'll have your email address.

Sorry about that, I hope I'll be seeing you around again sometime.


* For those who are about to get offended... the quote comes from none other than Glenn himself. Which shows that while he's mastered the art of a quotable snippet, he still knows jack about self-promotion.

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