The Movie
The main cast
       Here we go the actors playing on Harry Potter and the  Sorcerer's stone!         They look like pretty good actors.

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Emma Annie Watson
age: 10
Birthday: July 9, 1990
Part: Hermione Granger
Other Work: School Plays
Rupert Grint
Age: 11
Birthday: June 7, 1989
Part: Ron Weasley
Other Work: School Plays
Daniel Radcliff
Age: 11
Part: Harry Potter
Other Work: Young David Copperfield( BBC television), "The Tailor of Pamama"
The Dursleys
Richard Griffiths
age: N/A
Part: Vernon Dursley
Other Work: Sleepy Hollow, Ghondie, Superman 2, Chariots of Fire
Fiona Shaw
age: 36
Birthday: N/A
Part: Petunia Dursley
Other Work: The Last September, Richard 2

The Part of Dudley has not
been cast.
at this
Name: Richard Harris
age: 70
Birthday: Oct. 1, 1930
Part: Albus Dumbledore
Other work: Camelot Gladiator and many more
Name: Alan Rickman
Age: 54
Birthday: Feb. 21, 1946
Part: Severus Snape
Other work: Dogma, Galaxy Quest, Robin Hood Prince of theivs and many more
Name: Zoe Wannamaker
Age: 32
Birthday: N/A
Part: Madame Hooch
Other Work: Wilde, The Hunger, Raggedy Rawny
Name: Dame Maggie Smith
Age: 65
Birthday: Dec. 28, 1934
Part: Professor Minerva McGonagal
Other Work: The Sister Act, The Secret Garden and many many more!
Name: Robbie Coltrane
Age: 50
Birthday: March 30, 1950
Part: Hagrid
Other Work: Nuns on the run, Buddy, Cracker