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Hello everyone!  Just wanted to keep you all updated on how our site is going.  Well, unfortunately, Priori Incantatem will not be opening on the 8th of May.  We still have a lot of work to do and honestly, I haven't talked to Malajandriah (the other webmistress of Priori Incantatem) in a few days now.  I have been e-mailing her and asking her if we are still going to do the site, but she hasn't replied yet.  I really hope she's still up for the job!  If not, I'll work alone and very hard in getting it done.  I apologize!

Update for May 8, 2001!  Click here to read my message!

On a lighter note, The Patronus will not be closing down.  I'm not sure what it should have on it (what it should feature).  If you could please visit it, I would very much appreciate it!  I want to know what you want.  Click here to visit The Patronus!

If you'd like to become an affiliate with The Patronus, please e-mail me!  I apologize to the previous sites I was affiliated with!  I'll be putting you in the "Affiliates" section very soon!




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