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Book Movie
Hagrid refers to Sirius BlackHagrid does not refer to Sirius Black
Petunia is blondePetunia is not blonde
Dudley is blondeDudley is not blonde
Dudley received 37 presentsDudley received 36 presents
Piers joins Dudley to the zooCharacter deleted
Boa constrictor is from BoliviaBoa constrictor is from Burma
Dudley leaps back when glass vanishesDudley falls over into the terrarium
There's a bill in a brown envelopeThere's no brown envelope
Hagrid can use magic to deliver lettersFlocks of owls deliver letters
They check into a hotelScene deleted
Hagrid tells Harry of You-Know-WhoMr. Ollivander tells Harry of You-Know-Who
Hagrid doesn't want to repeat the name VoldemortHagrid has no trouble saying Voldemort twice
The number of Harry's safe is not mentionedThe number of Harry's safe is 687
Harry meets Draco at Madame Malkin's and on the trainHarry meets Draco at Hogwart's
Nothing happens when Harry waves wrong wandsHarry makes a mess with wrong wands
Between birthday and Sept. 1, Harry stays with the Dursley'sScene deleted
Vernon Dursley brings Harry to King's Cross StationHagrid takes Harry to King's Cross Station
Chocolate frogs are not real frogsChocolate frogs are enchanted to jump once
The hint about Nicholas Flamel is given on the trainThe hint about Nicholas Flamel is not given on the train
Sorting ceremony is in alphabetical orderSorting ceremony is not in alphabetical order
Sorting hat sings and whispers in Harry's earSorting hat does not sing and speaks his opinion out loud
Students are warned for PeevesCharacter deleted
Simon asks "How can you be nearly headless?"Hermione asks "How can you be nearly headless?"
Draco challenges Harry to a midnight duelScene deleted
Hermione is put in danger by Harry and RonTroll finds his way to Hermione without help
Troll is a hint for final sceneFollow up on troll scene deleted
Quidditch practice at 7, too dark for the snitchQuidditch practice during daylight, snitch taken out
McGoonagall forbids to open the package at the tableMcGoonagall smiles when the package is opened at the table
There are no girls on the Slytherin teamThere are girls on the Slytherin team
Hermione makes blue flames to break Snape's spellHermione uses normal fire to break Snape's spell
Harry gets a flute which he will need later onHarry does not get a flute
Cloak is fluid and silvery whiteOne side of the cloak is visible
Harry goes invisible 3 nights in a rowHarry goes invisible on 2 separate nights
Hagrid takes care of Norbert for 3 weeksHagrid takes care of Norbert for 1 day
Neville Longbottom is punished for being out of bedNeville Longbottom is not out of bed, so not punished
Shame comes over Harry, Hermione and NevilleOther students do not react on losing 150 points
Harry rides Firenze to safetyHagrid takes Harry back to safety
Hermione never spoke the name of VoldemortHermione speaks the name of Voldemort
Ron shivers hearing the name of VoldemortRon does not notice the name Voldemort is mentioned
A normal harp is used by the thiefAn enchanted harp is used by the thief
Harry goes first through the hatchAll three jump through the hatch
Hermione uses blue flames again against Devil's SnareHermione uses sunlight against Devil's Snare
It takes 3 to corner the winged keyThere is only broom to catch the winged key
Snape made one of the spells to protect the stone, like Hagrid said Snape did not make one of the spells to protect the stone, which Hagrid claimed
The man with two faces burns when he touches Harry The man with two faces pulverizes when he touches Harry
Voldemort leaves the man with two faces to die Harry kills the man with two faces
Dumbledore finds out in the hospital wing that Harry knows about Nicholas Flamel Dumbledore knows in the hospital wing that Harry knows about Nicholas Flamel
Dumbledore gives Harry the hint about what death isDumbledore does not discuss death with Harry
Dumbledore advices Harry to use the name VoldemortDumbledore does not tell Harry to use the name Voldemort
Harry asks why Voldemort wants to kill himHarry never asks anyone why Voldemort wants to kill the Potters
Dumbledore tells Harry why Snape hates himHarry is not told about Snape's motives
Dumbledore tells Harry who sent him the cloackIt is not revealed who sent Harry the cloak

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