Harry Potter's FAQ

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Did Steven Spielberg drop out of the movie project because he wanted Haley Joel Osment to star and they didn't let him?

  2. No, he was given more time than most directors to decide and he decided against it to take time for all the other movies he wanted to do. He told the press that he certainly would come to the theater to see this movie when it premiered, and that Book 3 sounded a much more interesting project. Chris Columbus has indicated he wants to direct all 7 parts.

  3. But Haley Joel Osment was in talks to play Harry Potter wasn't he?

  4. No, he once joked "If they want me to play the part, I'm available" but he told the press he was never contacted about this part, let alone that arguments spawned his casting.

  5. Is it true that the first casting director split because she wanted an American boy to play the part of Harry Potter?

  6. No. Joanne Rowling said that there were other, more personal, reasons why the casting director quitted.

  7. Will [Rosie O'Donnell, ZoŽ Wanamaker or any other American born artist] be in the movie?

  8. Chris Columbus was devoted to a British cast, only ZoŽ Wanamaker was officially cast.

  9. You keep saying no to all my favorite internet rumors, why?

  10. I have been instructed by Joanne Rowling to mistrust all internet rumors

  11. Is it true that the UK edition and the US edition have textual differences?

  12. Yes, although they are small changes, like changing scones into muffins, jumper into sweater, and shan't into won't to make sure the Americans would not misunderstand those words.

  13. Is it correct that Daniel Radcliffe had not finished all Harry Potter releases when he was cast as Harry Potter?

  14. Yes.

  15. Is it true that the movie will be shot in American and in British-English?

  16. Yes. The sentences containing reference to the Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone were shot twice. Hence, the versions have different titles as well.

  17. Is Book 5 released in July 2001, November 2001, July 2002?

  18. Probably not. These dates were made up by people who are not close to credible sources. Joanne Rowling said in October 2000 that she was not far enough into the book to assure a date as early as that, and since then the publisher has only indicated it won't be before 2002.

  19. Will Draco and Harry team up to defeat Voldemort?

  20. Get real.

  21. Will there we a character named Icicle?

  22. Joanne Rowling promised never to do such a terrible thing.

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