Harry Potter's merchandising


Lego released a line based on the Philosopher's Stone: www.lego.com

Hasbro released Bertie Botts All Flavor Beans. International distribution is by Mars who also made Chocolate Frogs with collectible wizard cards.

Electronic Arts made a video game for PC, Sega, Gameboy and Nintendo. A walkthrough for the PC game part 1 can be found here

Kurt S. Adler Inc. is making Christmas tree ornaments of Harry playing Quidditch, Harry and Hedwig, Hermione, and Ron, Nimbus 2000 broom and Lightning Bolt icicle ornaments.

P.J. Kids is licensed to design and manufacture Harry Potter bedroom furniture. Hogwart's castle loft bed, Mirror of Erised Nimbus 2000 coat rack, Dormitory coat rack, leather embossed trunk:

Scholastic released a diversity of metal and paper bookmarks, a diary and a complete stationery set.

Landmark released posters of Harry in Potions class, with his wand, playing Quidditch and at Hogwarts. on sale at FandomStore
The image on the posters is the same as some of the artwork for the wall calendar 2001.
XPres released a mug of Harry and one of Harry and Hermione. on sale at FandomStore

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