These tallies will give you the maximum number of partners and opponents that's possible to have. The tallies from 2 to 5 are in a JPEG format. The tallies from 6 to 10 are in a PDF format. From 7 tables on, you will not sit at a table with someone you had sat with before. In order to see the  tallies in their entirety you will need to click on the tab on your right to get rid of the advertisement. In order to view the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader,  which you may already have.You can download it free by clicking on the image at the bottom of the screen.

When you print them out, you will have two tallies on a standard sheet of paper. You may want to cut out the tallies and then have them laminated. When you view these files, some of the lines will not display but will be there when they are printed.

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Tally Index:

  1. Two Table Bridge Tallies
  2. Three Table Bridge Tallies
  3. Four Table Bridge Tallies
  4. Five Table Bridge Tallies
    (The following tallies are in a PDF format.)
  5. Six Table Bridge Tallies
  6. Seven Table Bridge Tallies
  7. Eight Table Bridge Tallies
  8. Nine Table Bridge Tallies
  9. Ten Table Bridge Tallies
  10. Printable 3 Game Score Sheet
  11. Printable 6 Game Score Sheet


  1. Standard American Bidding
  2. Goren Bidding System
  3. Bridge Scoring Table
  4. Yahoo! Games

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