I would appretiate your comments

Dear Visitor,

I am Harry William, Creative Graphic Designer from Bangalore, India. First of all, I appretiate and thank you for having taken time to visit me here and it is a pleasure to have you on our site... as we can share and exchange our views and learn from each other as the process of learning is never ending.

I have done M.Sc. in Zoology from Mumbai University, India and later steered my career to Graphic Designing. I have over six years of experience in graphics for web, print and multimedia. I have excellent technical and conceptual skills and have designed and delivered to varied clientele. As you go through this site you will find selected samples of my work.

My expertise could be used for (mentioning just few)...

  • Designing of brochures (print media), e-brochures, mailers, presentations, promotional material etc for the Marketing Division

  • Designing of in-house e-newsletters, e-magazines, etc

  • Designing of project prototypes in html format to capture the navigation flow and the look and feel of the project

Having come here... I request you to go through the site and feel free to write your comments or suggestions as I value them to further tune up and improve my skills.

Thank you,

-Harry William

    I would appretiate your comments
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