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Name: Harshwinder Singh
  About Myself:
  Hi, I am a Punjabi Sikh. I'd like to tell you   about my religion Sikhism and country Punjab.

  About Sikhism:
  Based on the concept of universal acceptance   of all humanity and the belief in One Creator,   Sikhism originated over 500 years ago in   northwestern India with a simple message of   truthful living. The universal nature of the Sikh   path reaches out to people of all faiths and   cultural backgrounds, encouraging us to see   beyond our differences and to work together   for world peace and harmony.
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  About Punjab:
  Punjab,literally meaning "Land of Five Rivers"   is in Northern India. The people of the Punjab   are called Punjabis and they speak a language   called Punjabi.Punjab has a long history and   rich cultural heritage.
  People of Punjab are known for Hard Work   and good Food. What people mostly know   about Indian Food is basically varieties of   Punjabi Food only.
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