Harsh Terrain RPG

Opened Wednesday, June 23rd - Closed Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

I am terribly sorry, but Harsh Terrain is closing. It was never a terribly popular site, despite how perfect and beautiful and organized it was. But I am closing it. I, Se, have too much work or school, and soon I will be involved in the school play, and I have decided that that is more important to me then this site. Sorry. But I want to be a highschool teacher, so I need to pay attention during high school. Freshmen year was okay, but now as a sophmore they are hammering us with homework and everything. And, I want to write a novel - which is not getting done while I work at this site.

Now, this is not all sad and bitter. I would like to invite you all to Sunset Ridge RPG which opened about two years ago. I was the first member ever, and played two alphas for the longest time. Now i play an alpha at a different pack. But anyways. I am Chesa's assistant at the site, and I run it while she is busy. It is like HT, but better, just wolves. Please some join, move your characters over here. I would love to see Ayoli and Brutus move over there.

Lastly, please all take care. You all know I love making sites, critiquing sites, and editting sites. So if you have a site, call me in, give me the passwords, and I will clean it up and make is perfect! I would love to teach any of you how to write an CSS page and link it to your site (it makes loading and changing layouts a snap), or div frames, or flash, or anything (aside from PHP cause I dont know that.) lol. I would love to talk with any of you. ;). Come yell at me if ya like. I am a patient and positive person, so dont worry. I love you all.


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