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Welcome to April's word lists!
Below you will find lists for Hoyle word games, including Wordox, DoubleCross, and Word Yacht.  These lists are actually based on the TWL Scrabble dictionary (that is the uncensored version), so there may be a few words that do not work, especially if you do not have offensive words allowed (in DoubleCross you really can't allow offensive words).  The lists include words up to 13 letters in length that can be made from the base word or words, some of which are in capital letters below.  I hope you all find the lists useful and enjoy studying them and learning new words.
If you are interested in learning the definitions of some of the unusual words contained in these pages, a great site is
OneLook, which searches many dictionaries at once.
Three-letter AE words and how to steal them
Three-letter AH words and how to steal them
A LUNGful of words
HEARTs with Hart
Types of beans
BEEF and types of beef
Bird noises
In honor of Bluberry
Dog noises
Noisy cats
COO says the dove
Farm animal noises
Let's steal some GAMs
Living pigs
Pigs as food
ELECT and how to steal it
Free steals for FREE
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Miscellaneous word elements
Animal noises
Many noisy animals
Words for meat
Some verbs which take both RE and PRE
How to steal REI
SHOP til you drop
Standalone affixes
How to steal THO
Turkey words
VET and how to steal it
Words from Walt Whitman
Foods from the first Thanksgiving (large)
Stealing EEL
Many little PEAs
NUTs for Wordox
Steal that NUN!
We'll make great PETs
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