Hartman House is an interactive roleplay group, played out through email exchange on yahoo groups.  This website is the home for the house and the players, and a place where prospective group members can learn a bit more about just what makes Hartman House tick.

This group is based in the Victorian Era, and takes place in a large manor house in the English Countryside.  The owners are Lord Richard and Lady Kathryn Hartman, who have more than a few secrets of their own.  They and their staff keep their doors open to visitors, however what happens to those visitors once they reach Hartman House... well that is altogether another story...

As of 8/11/03:
The season at Hartman House is: Mid-spring
The time at Hartman House is: Mid-morning, about 10:00. 
The weather at Hartman House is: Cold and rainy.

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