Harts  Creek Confederates serving in other units
36 th. Virginia Infantry
45 th. Battalion  VA  INF.
The 36th was organized in 1861 and was formed from several companies of the reorganized 14th. Virginia Cavalry and unattached companies from western Virginia.
The 45 th. Battalion Virginia Infantry was organized on December 20 ,1863 . It was made up of mostly companies of the 1st. Regiment Cavalry,VA State Line which had been disbanded in March of 1863
Browning , Mitchell . CSA . PVT 36th. VA INF. Co. D or F  from 1862-1865. He was shot in the right arm.
Adkins , Enos "Jake" ; born 1825 ; s/o Elias and Susannah (Fry) Adkins ; married Letty McKibbon " Kib" Toney. CSA PVT 45th. Bat. VA  INF. Co. F from 1863 to 1864 .He died in 1891
Browning , Charles Wesley ; born 1837 s/o James and Rebeca (Browning) Browning ; married Nancy Ellis. CSA. SGT 36th. VA  INF. Co. D and SGT of the 34th. Bat. VA CAV. Co. D
Browning , Andrew Jackson ; born 1830 ; s/o James and Rebecca ( Browning ) Browning ; married Sarah Jane Vance ; . CSA. PVT 36th. VA INF  . Co. D  and CORP of the 45th. Bat. of VA  INF Co. D
Dingess, Henderson ; born 1831 s/o John and Chole (Farley) Dingess ; married Sarah "Sallie " Adams. CSA. PVT. 36th. VA INF . from 1863-1864.. He died around 1901
Browning , James ;     born 1811 s/o Edmond and Frances " Franny" Browning ; married Rebecca Browning ; CSA . PVT. 45th. Bat.VA INF  . Co. D. from October 1, 1862 until August 1, 1863
Duty, William Marshall " Bill" ; born 1838 s/o George W. and Mary Ann (Jackson) Duty ; married Emma Ferrell . CSA. PVT. 36th. VA .INF. , Co. D from June 22 1861 - 1865.. Died around 1910
Brumfield , Allen B. ; born 1939 s/o John H. and Rachel (Haskins) Brumfiel ; married Rebecca Johnson ; CSA. PVT 45 th. Bat. VA INF Co. F . He enlisted 8-1-1863 and was to serve until the end of the war  but was reported as AWOL on September 14, 1863 . He returned around March of 1864 and was again reported AWOL on March 15, 1864 . He died in 1899
Fry , Rufus ; born 1841  s/o Joseph L. and Surlida (McComas) Fry. Married 1st. Nancy Brumfield and 2nd. Martha "Lizzie" Pullen. CSA 36th. VA INF. Co. D. He died around 1921
Lambert, Hiram ; born 1846  s/o Stephen and Eleanor (Workman) Lambert ; married Risby Dalton. CSA. PVT. 36th. VA INF.Co. D  and 45th. Bat. VA.INF. Co. B from 1863-1865
Brumfield , Paris ; born 1838 s/o John H. and Ann B. Toney . CSA PVT. 45th. Bat. VA INF. Co. F. He enlisted August 1,1863 and was to serve until the end of the war but was reported AWOL on Sept. 14,1863. He returned around March of 1864. and was again reported AWOL in  March of 1864. He was killed in 1891
Perry, John ; CSA. PVT . 36th. VA Cav.(C) ; b. 1848 ; s/o Jesse and Miranda (Marcum) Perry ; Enlisted 1/1/1863 ; POW at age 15
Vance, Marvel ; CSA PVT. 36th. VA CAV. (D) , June 1861-December 1864 ; b.1838 ; d. between 1910-1920 ; s/o Abner and Christinia (Elkins) Vance ; m.Elizabeth "Betty" (Maynard) Kirk .
Gartin, Elijah D. born 1845 the s/o Elijah Alexander and Mary "Polly" ( Carper) Gartin..CSA  PVT 45th. Bat. VA INF. Co. A
60th. Virginia Inf.
Nelson, James ; CSA. PVT. 45th.Bat.VA. Inf.(A); s/o William and Sarah A. (Maynard) Nelson
Perry, Andrew Jackson ; CSA . PVT.45th. Bat.VA Inf.(E);b.1846; s/o Jesse and Miranda (Marcum)Perry; m. Emeline Maynard
Walker, Benjamin Wade ; CSA. PVT 60th. VA Inf. (A) ;b. 1851 ; d. 1917 ; s/o Marinda (Steele)Davis ; m. Juliantes "Yantus" Adkins
1st. VA CAV
Workman . Josephus Irvin " Irv" ; born 1850 s/o Josephus and Mary (Burgess) Workman. Married 1st. Emily Abbott. Married 2.  Sarah (Lucas) Brumfield . CSA.PVT 45th. Bat. VA. INF . Co E  He died in 1933.
Workman, Moses ; CSA.PVT.45th. Bat. VA INF (A) ; b. 1833 ; s/o Obediah and Rebecca (Lambert) Workman ; m.Nancy Queen
Gartin , Isaac Griffith ; born 1832 s/o Elijah Alexander and Mary " Polly" (Carper) Gartin. He married Elizabeth Margaret Toney . CSA. 1st. LT. 1st VA CAV . according to HARDESTY'S, he served  eight months in the " state line troops of VA" and "when he thought it best to abandon the brigade to which he belonged," he returned home. He died in 1924
16th. Virginia  CAV         
Dolan, John D.,Jr. ; CSA.16th. VA Cav. Co. D ; b. 1837.
Lucas, William ; Private in Co. E, 16th. Virginia Cavalry. Records state  he was in Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond,VA on September 30,1864 .William was born circa 1825 and married Emily Fry. Could be another William Lucas,though because his records say he enlisted in Essex Co. VA
Kinser , David ; born 1820 ; married 1 Malind Newsome ; m. 2 Sophia Hemlich. CSA. PVT. 1st. VA. CAV. Co. E from 1862-1865.
1st. VA Inf
Napier, John H. ; CSA. 16th. VA Cav. (E); s/o Robert and Mary(Osbourne) Napier;m.Julia Ann Ross
Tomblin, Alfred.,Jr.; CSA PVT.16th. VA CAV. ; b. 1838 ; s/o Alexander and Mary "Polly" (Workman) Tomblin ; m. Elizabeth Adkins
129th. VA Militia
Frye,Christian Thomas ; CSA PVT . 129th. VA Militia  (Carter's Co.); Records state he was in from 8/27-9/26 1961 (and says "not dated")Then it says "enlisted 9/21/1861 in  Logan Co., by Col.John "Degeonatte". Also says he served three days and "left off sick"; b. 5/3/1823 ;s/o John and Catherine(Snodgrass)Frye; m. Elizabeth Hunter
Vannatter, Samuel, Jr. ; CSA. PVT. 1st. VA Inf.(E)  ;1864-1865
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