Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake


    Fifteen years ago a man abducted two sisters and took them out on a Colorado lake on his boat. When he tries to have his was with Amy she fights him and he throws her overboard and she is never seen alive again. Sara, the other sister, survived by is traumatized for live.
    Billy Travis is an ex tennis pro who had to quit the game after a torn rotator cup. After many surgeries he isn't any better off than he was before. He met and fell in love with rich Sara Wingate who is heir to a fortune in a family owned mine. For Billy it is true love, but everyone else thinks he married Sara for for her money.
    Billy is tired of her not being able to get over her past so he makes he go out in a boat on the ill fated lake. She flips out and doesn't want to do it. When he tells her to take the wheel she really loses it. He points to boat at the rocks and ties the throttle to the wheel and sits in the back. he tells her if she doesn't take the wheel then they'll both die. She wrestles with it and finally at the last moment unties it and saves them. He hugs her and is so happy she overcame her demons.
    He takes her out to dinner and they meet an old lawyer friend and Perry Mason who is in town. Perry remembers seeing Billy play when he was still a pro. A waitress who is Billy's ex-girlfriend Lisa makes a scene and gets Sara jealous. The go home and celebrate and have a confrontation with Sarah's parasite nephew who is staying there and not contributing. Doug who runs the mine also comes over to have Sara sign some papers because Billy wants to sell the mine. Doug isn't happy because that means his job. Billy has to leave to go talk to his loser brother George who is up to his neck in gambling debts.
    At the local bar George tells Billy he needs a few thousand to get out of trouble, but Billy refuses. He can't get that kind of money from Sara and he is no longer interested in bailing him out. George flips and throws a drink on him and leaves. Then Lisa comes over and starts kissing him. Just then Sara walks in as he is breaking it off. Sara runs out and Billy chases. Meanwhile Lisa takes his handkerchief that he left on the table.
    Sara is deeply hurt and won't believe him and won't let him touch her. They go to sleep and Sara leaves early to go down to the lake like she always does when she is upset. Lisa is waiting for her and abducts her. A park ranger high up the mountain sees someone rowing a boat with a body in the back soon after. An hour later Billy gets a phone call telling him Sara is in the lake. He races down there and finds her car, her bloody scarf and a shoe, but no Sara. He rows out to search for her in a boat with blood on it, but comes up empty.
    As he rows back in the police are pulling up. They too got an anonymous call about Sara. The sheriff looks around and takes him in for questioning. Everyone thinks he did it, even though after much searching no body is found.
    Perry Mason takes the case and with the help of his assistant and their son they are able to prove Billy wasn't the murder. This is rather simple since it turns out Sara was only kidnapped, not killed.


Thrawn - This is post KR and pre Baywatch, so this is the Hass at his lowest point in between gigs and uncertain of his future. You would expect a balls out performance from him, but you would be wrong. Like Hass always says, " I don't nee you! I have the Germans, MAN!"

Sheep - Maybe he wasn't in control this time and had to take whatever he got and was bummed out from being away from KITT.

Thrawn - There could've been some real HasselFun in a flashback of Billy trying to play tennis in some little flaky white number, but once again they don't know how to showcase The HasselTalents properly.

Sheep - I'm sure there would be plenty of outfits in the gay model catalogue for him to show off his hairy chest and maybe another headband?

Thrawn - It started with a HasselBang with him getting all uppity in the speedboat. After he ties the wheel she looks to him for help and he just throws his hands up like she has a gun to him. This was the best part and it was all downhill from there.

Sheep - What an asinine thing to do? what if she went mad and just let them crash? of course it wouldn't have hurt the plot .

Thrawn - He had some drippy looks on the way out to see his brother in the world's highest HasselTurtleneck. He turns on the HasselCharm by muttering, "Yeah, I want you waiting up for me."

Sheep - That was some turtleneck! crept up to his face almost!

Thrawn - When his brother threw a drink on him I was waiting for some HasselAnger, but nothing. Just some super flat acting by The Hass.

Sheep - I'm so sure that if you had a drink thrown on you that you would just sit there. What a dork. Especially some brother who just trashed him for not handing over all his wife's money so he could gamble it away.

Thrawn - We gets tons of Billy for the first half of the film, then the rest is all Perry and Billy just stares during the court case for the rest of the film.

Sheep - He tried so hard to be handsome in court but he could have jumped up and said "I'm not taking this, man!" or something.

Thrawn - Nothing much happens during the mockery of the trial. A few HasselOutbursts would've gone a long way here. You are safer just turning it off when the trial starts - he's innocent! OK?

Sheep - Safer turning it off after the boat scene.

Final Rating

Thrawn - 2.5/10 - pretty standard TV fare - namely it sucks, the characters are old and overweight and nothing much happens. The trail is a complete mockery of justice with Perry going off forever without rebuke and trying to solve both cases at once - the 15 year old kidnapping and this one.

Sheep - 3/10 - too much fatty Perry and not enough charming Mitch, Mike, I mean Billy.

2003 Thrawn & Sheep for Hasselhoffline!