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Due to not being able to access the page builder for my site untill now this is all hoplessly out out date. Years out of date in fact!! I haven't raced for a cpl of years now and with the sad demise of srcmcc, probably wont be for some time.
My whole life has chnged unrecognisably in the last year or two and for once, I am happy. I'll keep this site going as its free, and once in a blue moon I get immed regarding racing so someone must look at it sometimes!
I can be contacted on this addy now.

The original idea for the Havant racers website was to promote RC car racing locally. The trouble is, nearly all of the peeps I have met up with for a thrash, had nitro cars, people dont like the noise they make, making it hard to find some where anyone can race.
So, I have given up on that for now.
At the moment, things are pretty quite on the RC front. I am have time out to get my TC nice and fresh for another crack at SRCMCC's stock championship.
After that I am considering moving to super stock (19 turn spec).
Jason Saunders