Haven's Dark Slash
These are my all-time favourite non-con m/m slash stories.
Warning:  If you are not a fan of non-consensual male/male slash or don't know what it is, please go away.  This site is for individuals 18 years of age and older
Tito's Adventures by Paladin
Original Characters
A wonderful series of Original slash with some non-con thrown in.  Classic Sword & Sorcery.  Very hot.
White Knight Tarnished series by Cathryn
More unwilling-con than non-con, Xander finds himself in an unexpected relationship
The Fool by Heather Elizabeth Peterson
Original Characters
Innovative Barbarian-and-his-captive story.  Would love to see a sequel.
Repossession by Juxtapose
My favourite out of the many incredible LOTR slash written by the author of the Juxatpose website
For Lord and Land by Delilah deSora
Original Characters
Unspoken Love by Artemis
In early 19th century England, Lord Quentin Jinn takes under his wing an abused and mute stable boy known only as Ben.
Pathfinder by Rushlight
The young pathfinder Shai desparately needs a genetically suitable partner to prevent his powers from running amok.  Unforutnately Kalil, one of the town's brutal crime-lords, fits the description.
Paper Doll by Calico
Agent Leon makes a deal with the devil.(work in progress)
The following stories are found in The Fiction section of www.bishonenworks.com
Blood Raven by P.L. Nunn
Original Characters
P.L. Nunn is one of my favourite writers.  A work-in-progress of a young warrior enslaved by an Ogre warlord.
Dynasty of Ghosts by P.L. Nunn
Original Characters
Another one of P.L. Nunn's original stories.  Not precisely DarkSlash, but an epic love story and adventure that is simultaneously funny, sexy and romatic. 
These stories are at Restrictedsection.org and require registration
Patris Est Filius by Rhysenn
Lucius Malfoy / Draco Malfoy
Requires registration with restrictedsection.org.  Short but powerful story
Droit Du Seigneur by Amanuensis
Lucius Malfoy / Harry Potter
Very funny story
My all-time favourite web site is Sandy's Mostly Slash without Consent Web page.  The actual site has been down for some time, but an archived version can be opened by clicking on the link below:
Fannish Butterfly - archived
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