Light in the Forest
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The Light in the Forest guild was founded by LadyCorn and LadyAllura (Guiding Lights). We are a group of family and friends who believe helping others is the best policy. We are dedicated to preserving the fun and safety of all who join us. We can be found on channel 55 chatting or joking with each other. Our allied guild is Wrecking Crew on ch. 921. We would be honored if you joined us to chat sometime....  ***All members, officers and probationary members MUST register on the forum.  Please make use of it. Have fun, post, and READ it regularly***
NEWS!!! I'm, (Madiison) making a Bio page set!  Please Email me at with a 2/3 paragraph biography of your character to be put up! Im doing all i can to make this the best guild page ever! MWAHAHA!