NukeSylo-Thirteen MechWarrior Havoc Terminal Access StormLord Server
by [NS13]Havoc
This is the homepage of the
[NS13]Stormlords server, a Mechwarrior 4 non-dedicated server that I run for people who game online using Mechwarrior 4 from Microsoft.

Here you will find links to MechWarrior pages, MechLab data and Mech design theory.

I will also, from time to time, add links or informational pages as I find them.

my info:
UID:  72842
UID:  26088
Name: [NS13]Havoc
Server: [NS13]Stormlords Server
Mechwarrior 4 Official Site
Dropship Command MW4 Chat
Download Excel Spreadsheet of Mech Data, including Weapons, Speed and Tonnage analysis (Updated for Mercs)

Excel MechData Sheet from main file
Excel MechListings Sheet from main file
Excel Speed/Weight Sheet from main file
Excel Weapons Sheet from main file
Clan Rules of Engagement - Dueling
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