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OTAKU FLASHMOB TARGET: Cynthia @ 11:40am
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Thursday May 3

From Least I Could Do

Person's Name: Cynthia (She is one of ACEN staff so she might be busy. If you hear another name at 11:40, just go with it.)
Time: 11:40am
Location: The area by the restaurant and the entrance to the pool area. Basically, go up the hotel escalator to the second floor. Go to the right side of the elevator cluster and just wait in that area. You'll hear a name, trust me!
Top down view of area [thank you cactusmomma from youtube]
Video of area where we will meet seen at 12 to 26 sec [cactusmomma from you tube]
I want our crowd to be like this [video via youtube], except we disperse after 4-5 minutes and we follow them around.

Official Ruling by Staff: I will say this is ok. I ask that you keep this in a VERY open area to where the flahsmob and onlookers will not block traffic. I also ask that you not do this in the streets. That's just for safety sake. Also, make sure this stays in the flashmob time frame. I don't want the flashmob to turn into a snailmob. My suggestion would be to keep this at about 30-35 seconds and then dispersal. - Scottaconda
Implements: I have a flashlight baton that will be used for the cue.
What we need: Anyone have a portable drum? One, possibly two video cameras? Noisemakers?

Celebrity Flashmob
It's very simple, the leader will select a congoer [Preferably an ACen Staff Member]. Find out their name. Lure them to an open part of the hotel. Chant their name and follow a person around for a four-five minutes. Do NOT maul anyone.

Additional Activites
Let me know if there are any discrepancies/updates/additional activites that may influence the timing of things.

Masquerade 5:00pm
Naruto Meetup 11:00am
Avatar Meetup 10:00am
Neko-boys Meetup 11:00am
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