You must want to know more about me if you're then let me not keep you waiting.
A brief bio on me:
I am 21 years old.
I live in Central Florida (Orlando)
I am also attending college right now, majoring in Deaf Education.
As you can tell from my webpage I am also Hawaiian/Filipino.
Art ( especially Cubist artist)
Picasso, Dali
Billie Holiday, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, LTD, Anita Baker, Kelly Price, Erykah Badu, Jazzyfatnastees, Alicia Keys,Kenny Latimore, etc....
As you can see I love good R&B and Jazz.
And of course my Hawaiian music;
Israel Kamakwiw'ole, Maka Sons of Ni'ihau...
I love to read. Knowledge is Power.
I love to learn new things.
Cooking is also a passion of mine.
I always feel the need to write. Writing is my therapy.     ( If you click on the small flag on the bottom you can read some of my writings.)
and I have to say last but not least....
I never seem to get any of it.
I hate people who make excuses why they can't do things.
I do not like liars.
WOMEN can't do things because we are WOMEN.
I don't like people who do drugs.
Lazy people.
I really don't like people whom
claim they are Christians
and then go around judging people,sleeping around, etc..
( come on now, gimme break)
That Anarchy crap!
(I just realized that there is a lot of things I dont like....WOW )

Well, if you arent bored yet, and would like to get into my life and mind a little bit more, on the pics below.
Big flag is to look at pictures.
Small flag is to read a poem I wrote called:
it's tight work so you might want to take a peek