Sketch (you know what a sketch is).......................~$6
Pencil (basically a Sketch, w/ some detail / shading)...~$10
Inked ..................................................~$17
Coloured Pencil (Inked image, coloured w/ pencils).....~$20
Acrylic painting (...painting w/ acrylic paints).....~$35-65
The prices shown are the starting prices, and the cost goes up as the complexity and involvment of the image increases. If there was something else you had in mind, such as a medium not mentioned, don't hesitate to contact me and ask about it.
The prices will also vary depending on which style you prefer be used: "Realistic" or my type of
I mainly do images of dragons, reptiles, birds, scorpions, mantids, and furries. Dragons are my speciatly, I suppose you could say. I don't make a habbit out of drawing humans, because that's not what I'm good at, though I will, on occassion, draw  stylized peoples.
contact me for any further details, or to just request a commission.
Art Trades:
Yes, I love doing trades! If you'd like to do a trade, send me a link to your gallery, or attach a picture or two to your email. I just like to know what I'm getting out of a trade before I commit to it, as I'm sure you would too. I prefer that you send a link though, as attachments take up lots of Inbox space. And if you must send me images, PLEASE, PLEASE send me jpg's or gif's, do not send bmp's. Bitmaps are plain evil...
Requests, etc.:
I don't typically do requests, because most times, I personally don't gain anything new from them, any experience, as I would in trades. I learn things from trades, and I enjoy learning from them. Requests... well, Requests are ifie. If you're dead set on getting something from me ( anybody would be), think of whether it would be something I might find interesting enough to take up, or offer me something. That would take it back to a commission, though... oh well.