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The following is a revised version of an article appearing in the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk Vol II No. 133 Wednesday Weekly May 30, 2007. This revised version will appear in IOLANI - The Royal Hawk Vol II No. 155 Wednesday Weekly October 31, 2007.

This article was and remains part of the EVICTION notices for my ancestors home at Washington Place, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii occupied by the entity 'State of Hawaii' which has evolved into an ongoing criminal organization supported by the U.S. in creating a mecca of fraud works, criminal claims on existing Royal families inheritances even today. Continued mucking up of our families lands by the occupying military utilizing depleted uranium weapons, etc. is not o.k.

The track record of criminal deviances, occupation, conspiracies, are hereby presented to all. The crimes against Hawaii indeed affects the World today. The Truth affects many today.

The names in Hawaii's history appears to be problematic for everyone in the world today. Some of the names are as follows: Dole's, Thurston's, Smith's, Carlyle's, Morgan's, Judd's, Carter's, Cartwright's, Brown's, Meyer's, Lucas, Rhodes, Bishop's, Macy's, Bush's, etc. The following reveals some of them:

Hawaii's/Hawaiian Islands/Kingdom of Hawaii/He Mokupuni Pae Aina O Hawaii


by Masons/Freemasons, other governments/nations, Mercenaries/ Missionaries, etc.

- A Focus on Washington Place -

A Overview of the Pilikia of our families, Pilikia researched by researchers including Chris Roses, my research, notes, and comments review by Amelia Kuulei Gora, one of Kalaniopuu's, Kamehameha's, Kaeha's aka Queen Liliuokalani, Kapooloku/Abigail aka Princess Poomaikelani' s, John Young's, Isaac Davis, Nuuanu's, Akahi's, John Kapena's, Mataio Kekuanaoa's, Luluhiwalani' s, Kalola's, Matsugoro Takeshita's, etals. descendants, a Royal person not subject to the laws (2007)


The following is a different look at history. It is from the eyes of researchers, focusing on Masonry/Freemasonry in Hawaii.

The main researcher in this article is Chris Roses, who is a long time history, legal researcher who befriended many kanaka maoli/aboriginal Hawaiians in Hawaii. His research focus was on the bankers, the Masons and Freemasons. He has helped many kanaka maoli in their court cases and has been a helpful guide for some.

Chris Roses has an interesting background including having friends in Waco, Texas. He's a very private person. He's a teacher, a philosopher, a truth seeker. Chris Roses work proves that Masons/Freemasons are indeed 'set in place to break down Monarchy governments worldwide'.

The Masons/Freemasons focus validates that Hawaii's history does indeed affect the World today.

Hawaii's Chronological History with a focus on Masons/Freemasons:

1778 - Mason Captain James Cook claimed he discovered the Sandwich Islands. - "Masonry came to, sovereign territory, the Kingdom of Hawaii, ...Captain James Cook, ...member of the Grand Lodge of England, discovered the islands January 18, 1778, naming them the Sandwich Islands after his patron, the Earl of Sandwich, also of the Grand Lodge of England. Others followed and settled..."

1810 - Kamehameha formed a Monarchy Government.

1822 - Secret Treaty of Verona signed by Austria, France, Prussia, Russia supported by the Vatican, Great Britain and the U.S.

1826 - Oct. 5 - a 299-year lease was claimed to have been made to Richard Charlton, British subject, and signed by Karaimoku/Kalanimok u, brother of Boki, Keoua, etals.

Note: Karaimoku was married to Akahi (our ancestor). Karaimoku's kaikaina/ younger sibling was Keoua (k) (our ancestor) whose son Luluhiwalani (k) married Kalola (w). His son was A.Z. Kahekili/ Kahekili/Alapai and his stepchildren were Kaaha/ Kamaile's (k) sons Kuluwailehua (k) and Hiram Kahanawai (k), and hanai/ adopted daughters were: Kamamalu (w) who married Liholiho/ Kamehameha II; and, Kapapoko/Kapooloku/ Abigail/Kapooloh u/ Poomaikelani/ Princess Poomaikelani who married Ioba aka's, son of AZ Kahekili aka's, JWE Maikai, Kuluwailehua, Hiram Kahanawai Kaaha, Kekai/Kekoi, Mana, etals.

Kapapoko/Kapooloku/ Abigail/Kapoolohu/ Poomaikelani/ Princess Poomaikelani' s children were: Samuel, Alapai (w), Luisa/Luika (w), Haili (w), and her stepchildren: Liliana (w), Abraham Kekai, and a hanai/ foster son, a nephew.

Karaimoku's last wife was Akahi (w) who married Kikau/Kapukui/ Kikaukapu/Pukui/ Kapukui (k) and had Nahuina (k). Nahuina (k) married Kaili/Kamaliiwahine /Kailihou( w) and had Kaluakini (k) who married Haili (w), the daughter of Princess Poomaikelani.

Akahi (w) also married Kahope (k); Waha/Wahawela/ Wahahee (k); Kaiama/Kaaua (k); Kepaa (k), etals.

Kaluakini (k) and Haili (w) had six (6) children who they transferred their interest to before going to the leper colony, a penal colony.

Kalola (w) was the documented heir of Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Bernice Pauahi Bishop's, haole husband was Charles Reed Bishop, PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC, banker, investor, early spy in Hawaii, who was also a Mason/Freemason. Bishop had only a life interest in the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate which he deeded over to the trustees during the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The Trustees along with the PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC Charles Reed Bishop were conspirators, treasonous to the Royal families, the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/government, the Queen, the subjects- most of whom were kanaka maoli/aboriginal Hawaiians.

The Trustees to this day are riding on FRAUDULENT, criminal claims, conspiracies, conspirator/ Terrorist acts, deeds, transactions without legal authority nor granted authority.

The Trustees are documented criminals because the bloodlines of Kamehameha's, Queen Liliuokalani' s, etals. families exist and have evidence of the conspiracies at work with PIRATES Charles Reed Bishop, Sanford B. Dole, Lorrin Thurston, etals. in collusion, supported by nations who breached the Law of Nations, the U.S., Great Britain (with France), Germany, etals.

All of the Trustees are no different from car thieves, and appear to have the same status as War criminals due to their actions resulted in the financing/funding of WARS by bankrupt nations (U.S., Great Britain, France, etals.) at our families expense over time.

Reference: Foreign Register Volume 2, page 115-117, Archives, Oahu, Hawaii; history research, genealogy research, etc.

1840 - December 26. Richard Charlton, subject of the Brittanic Majesty transferred his interest to John Dominis

Reference: Foreign Register, Volume 2, page 115-117, Archives, Oahu, Hawaii

Gerrit Parmele Judd questioned Kalanimoku's signature.

Reference: Foreign Testimony Volume 2, pages 257-259, Archives, Oahu, Hawaii

1843 - "on the barque and ax, Monsieur F. Le Leldier 18 degree Master, out of be Hovre France, early in 1843...second with an open dispensation from The Supreme Council of France, organized Lodge Leprogres de'l'Oceanie No. 124 in the Captains quarters on his whaling ship in Honolulu Harbor April, 1843...armed with an open dispensation from The Supreme Council of France, organized Lodge Le Progres de'l'Oceanie no. 124 in the Captains quarters on his whaling ship in Honolulu Harbor, April 1843. The Lodge opened upon the Entered Apprentice degrees"...chiefly (?) in whaling and sandalwood running and merchants who applied the needs of the ships. Among them such as these he Tellier Amod this first masonic organizers, all members of Lodges elsewhere,"

"From the beginning the understanding between the blue lodges and teh Scottish Rite was exemplification of the best in masonry. This was also true of relations with the York Rites Bodies, older brothers in the islands."

"So Captains Cook and Vancouver were both of the York Rite, as was is the Earl of Sandwich. Le Tellier began the Scottish Rite in Hawaii from the chartering A Lodge le Progres in 1843 by the Supreme Council of France to the chartering of the Honolulu Bodies in 1874... (From ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SCOTTISH RITE MASONRY IN HAWAII, 1874-1974.

"So the Mason were here "first", then the Masonic Roman Catholic Church and then the Missionary Protestants of 1820, orders of Masonry."

"The Sandwich Islands "upon the International Law of, Principle of Discovery, became the first step in the "apparent take over" - "over throw" of the kanaka Islands: Since the Earl of Sandwich was - is a York Mason, Cook assigned, to his name - Masonically, the New ruler ship government at over the Islands.

"Also Cook was under license contract as agent for the King of England, and the Prince of Wales, both York and Scottish Rite Masons. "The Prince of Wales," Grandmaster "mason...Freemasonry of the world" (p 161-162) HAWAII'S STORY BY HAWAII'S QUEEN.

1846 - Washington Place owner John Dominis was claimed to have been lost at sea. His widow was Mary Dominis. He had three (3) children: John O. Dominis (later became the husband of Princess Liliuokalani aka's) and two daughters who died young.

1847 - Mrs. John Dominis claimed title through her husband.

1859 - Richard Charlton, British subject deeded lease lands to John Dominis, Mason, citizen of the U.S.

Reference: Liber 12 page 163, Bureau of Conveyances, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

1873 - "In testimony whereof, in the Gr. Orient aforesaid in the first day of September 1873 V.E. The Sovereign Grand Commander doth set his hand after the seal of his Arms of Office and doth cause the Great Seal of the Supreme Council to be here take affixed, and thes presents to be undersigned by the Secretary General and the Grand Chancellor of the Holy Empire". Albert Pike, 33 degree Sr. Gr. Commander Albert G. Mackey 33 degree Sr. Gen, H.E. Henry Buish Gr. Chancellor, HE. To E. Sgr. John O. Dominis

....To organize 2d establish and install bods in the Sandwich Islands (P.5) One hundred years....

When John Owen Dominis was a Knight in the Scottish Rite, while also an early member at the Sandwich Island York Rite, early days, and by the time of 1891, John Owen Dominis was a 33 degree Mason.

1847 - Mrs. John Dominis claimed title through husband.

1865 - Kamehameha V, in April 11, 1865 established the Order of Kamehameha I"....shortly after - several persons, among them Charles Reed Bishop were apopointed Grand Council, oder of Kamehameha V. The Grand Council and ExecutiveCouncil were the media through which Kamehameha V and the succeeding rulers were to announce their appointments and .... procedures of the Order". (Masonic Government Within the Shell of a "Constitutional Monarchy")

1873 - John Owen Dominis begins to structure the Scottish Rite in the Sandwich Islands, selecting, "fourteen" Masons from those already on the Islands to be the First formal bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, in these Islands, and the Pacific..." (P.7) ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Remember Captain Cook first landed int he South Pacific Islands. Discovering and (?) then under The York Rite Mason in c Lineage and the (?) offspring - England> Great Britain under the King in Commerce.

1874 - Charles Reed Bishop promoted to Knight Grand Cross, Order of Kamehameha V. The Grand Council and Executive Council were the media through which Kamehameha V and the succeeding rulers were to announce their appointments.

John Owen Dominis then selected from the Masons to begin. A few names:

Sir Kt. A. Francis Judd

Sir K. John S. McGrew

Bro. David Kalakaua

Bro. Wm L. Wilcox (p.7, 10) ONE HUNDRED YEARS..." in "coming as it does from the parent Masonic Bodies of the World" (p.7, ibid)

"Legate and deputy, Pitkin C. Wright arrives in Honolulu, 1874 to begin with John Owen Dominis and David Kalakaua to structure the Scottish Rite."

"Per Order of Ill. Su. Pitk - C. Wright KCCH Gen Representative and legate at the Sup. Council of the 33 degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America..." meeting July 15th, 1874, Honolulu (p. 5) - Same Ref: and in Relation to the Grand Ridge of the District of Columbia" (p.2, same ref.)

So here we see John Owen Dominis, David Kalakaua, A. Francis Judd, and John S. McGrew as members of the earliest First Scottish Rite Mason Lodges in Honolulu, and see former York Rite Masons on p. 9 of the Court document specifically point out the Honorable A. Francis Judd (first name is Albert) who was a

2nd Asst Attorney General Jan 13, 1873 - Oct. 17, 1874.

Justice Feb. 18m, 1874 - Feb. 1, 1887,

Promoted First Associate; Feb. 1, 1877 - Nov. 5, 1881

Promoted Chief Justice; Nov. 5, 1881 - May 20, 1900 district office, (Digest of the Decision of the Supreme Court of Honolulu - Volume 1...1916, P. viii, ix, xiv)

* A. Francis Judd and Kalakaua, because the former was the real organizer of the Scottish Rite in Hawaii...during the Dominion record.

* Archibald Scott Cleghorn,Governor of Oahu, brother in law of King Kalakaua, Father of Princess Victoria Kaiulani,

*Abraham Fornander, historian, author, master Hawaiian lodge No. 21, 1864,

*Charles Thomas Gulic, Minister of Interior

*A. Francis Judd, Justice of the Supreme Court; Master Hawaiian lodge No. 1 1870-1891

*Alexandere McDuff - Police official 1869-1870

*Samuel Parker, cattle ranch, Hawaiian Island, Foreign Ministry under Queen Liliuokalani

*Frederick August Schaefer, sugar(?) dean of the Consular Corps (also consul to Italy under Queen Liliuokalani)

*William Luther Wilcox, Hawaiian Interpreter to the Supreme Court and Judge, ref p.27, ONE HUNDRED YEARS>>>)

A. Francis Judd was also the first witness to give testimony against Queen Liliuokalani in her trial (ref HAWAII'S STORY, by Queen Liliuokalani)

"Together with civilization, the whites would also bring Christianity to the Indians. A tight partnership between the government and missionary societies to promote the goal lasted throughout the nineteenth century.

The annual "Civilization Fund appropriately by Congress beginning in 1819 - for Indian education, for example, was not spent directly by the (U.S.) government but was divided among the missionary groups working with the Indian tribes...Jeremiah Evarts, Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions...The removal set, signed by Jackson, 28th May 1830" - Ref: Encyclopedia of American Political History.

"The American Missionary Companyh's (some of the names), Third Company, Arrived March 30, 1828, aboard ship "Parthian".

Dr. Gerritt P. Judd and wife, Rev. Peter Gulick and wife, etc. Rev. Lorrin Andres and wife...

Fifth Company, Rev. Richard Armstrong and wife, etc. (arrived May 17, 1832 - ship "AVERICK:)

Eighth Company - Samuel N. Castle and wife, Amos S. cooke and wife, etc. (around April 9, 1837 - ship "Mary Frazier")

Ninth Company - Rev. Daniel Dole and wife, and William H. Rice and wife, arrived May 21, 1841 - ship "Gloucester")

First Company - Rev. Asa Thurston and wife (Ref - The Story of Hawaii and Its Builders", p. 46)

Rev. Daniel Dole, taught at Punahou College, is father of Sanford B. Dole.

Dr. Gerritt Judd was father of A. Francis Judd's.

Rev. Asa Thurston links to Lorrin Andrews Thurston.

Rev. Lorrin Andrews - Attorney General Feb. 1, 1903-1905; 1st Assistant Justice, Jan. 10, 1848 thru August - Supreme Court of Hawaii, 1916).

"...They soon resigned their meagre salaries from the American Board of Commissioners American Foreign Missions, and found positions in the council or cabinets of the Kamehameha's more lucrative and because it was more satisfactory to them" (Ref. Hawaii's Story by Queen Liliuokalani, p.232)

"The Hawaiian Kings....had acquiesced in the course laid down and then by the missionaries, the government established by these prime adventurers was the government of the day (same ref. P. 232).

"I remember that when G.P. Judd, W. Richards and R. Armstrong were cabinet members, a deficiency so inexplicable occurred that the cabinet was required to resign immediately. .." (same Ref. p. 233.)

Abraham Fornander, May 1t5, 1864 - Feb, 1865, 2nd Circuit Court - Islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe May 123-1871 - Dec 27, 1886 Fourth Associate Justice 1886 - Nov 1, 1887.

Sanford B. Dole "born on April 23, 1844 at Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii "the son of Daniel and Protestant Missionary and educator...educated in Missionary Schools and Punahou, Koloa and Oahu...1866 to 1868..others Williams College in Massachusetts and studies had in the Boston Office of William and Brigham (Another Ref. says "in Wash.D.C"). Passed the Massachusetts bar in September 1868...Returned to Honolulu, begin Priv, Paradise, edited "Planter's Monthly"...elected Hawaiian Legislation in 1884 and 1886. One of evidence of the Revolution group which free King Kalakaua to grant a new Constitution that reduced his Monarchy's rights. (lead reform party and author of the Constitution) . Dec. 1887 (?) Associate Justice of the Hawaiian Supreme Court (Ref: Biographical directory of American Territorial Governors)

Dec. 28, 1887 - April 29, 1890 - promoted third Associate

April 29, 1890 - April 11, 1892 - Promoted Second Associate

April 11, 1892 - Jan 17, 1893 - Resigned

(Ref: A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, 1916)

The First person to pay his respects to Her Majesty when she arrived in Washington was the Honorable Daniel Nash Morgan, treasurer of the United States who was himself a Mason of high degree. He having noticed the Jewel the Ystic Shrine which the Queen always wore, she told him its history. It had been presented to her by General Powell a high official of the Mystic Shrine. He told her, as he pinned it on her with a blessing that should she ever find herself in difficulties she would find it of great assistance to her...She had witnessed the inauguration of President William McKinley also. Evidence of Modern day Masonic Idolitry and foretelling her future (?) Mason (?))

The Queen's husband, John Owen Dominis, was a Mason of the thirty third degree...accompanie d...Queen Kapiolani and his wife, Princess Liliuokalani to England at the time of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria...ten thousand Masons...He was honored with a seat which was third from the right of the Grand Masters at the Freemasonry of the World, H.R.H. Prince of Wales (His Royal Highness)... Queen Liliuokalani always held the Mason Order in the highest esteem...(such an honring was a way of rewarding a Mason for Masonic work, his Masonic work in the "Kingdom of Hawaii of Free Masonry, with his work with King Kalakaua.

The Jubilee was three months prior to Revolution of 1887 - forcing the Bayonnet Constitution (see Hawaii's Story by Queen Liliuokalani).

The Masonics Way of foretelling a future event...her Majesty always wore her jewel at the Mystic Shrine presented to her by General Powell...he assured her that, in wearing it, she would be protected in time of difficulty. It was, therefore, a great dissapointment to Queen Liliuokalani that Sanford Dole had allowed himself to be drawn into the Provisional Government movement since, once soon after the death of her husband (August 27, 1891), Governor Dominis, Sanford Dole had come to her, consoling her with the assurance that, as a brother Mason of her husband, he would protect her in time of need, according to the Masonic Pledge." (Ref: I KNEW QUEEN LILIUOKALANI by Bernice Piilani Irwin, p. 57 and 60-61)

Herein is the first bit of evidence linking Sanford Ballard Dole with Masonry in the period. Such evidence Dowmen & (?) is and in the text in "ONE HUNDRED YEARAS OF SCOTTISH RITE MASONRY IN HAWAII".

The Masons have kept it SECRET. He knew what was to occur before very long; his statement is evidence of such, why else would he give her the Masonic pledge, like a "Kiss of Death" amongst secret societies, e. "the Mafia".

Another note: "Under which President was "the Hon. Daniel Nash Morgan, Treasure of the United States" is now unknown since his name is not under the Secretary of the Treasury an either Harrison, Cleveland or McKinley. Also, The Treasury of the United States differs from the Department of the Treasury of the United States.

The Treasury Department of the U.S. is with the Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation, began in the 1830's under President Van Buren is the predecessor to the Federal Reserve Bank, since the Termination of the 2nd Bank of the U.S. by Andrew Jackson.

Lorrin Andrews Thurston, Acting Attorney General of Hawaii - November 22, 1889 - Born in Honolulu July 31, 1858, son of Asa G. and Sarah (Andrews) Thurston - a Lawyer. (Ref: A Digest MEN OF HAWAII.a Leader in Committee of Thirteen.

Henry Ernest Cooper - 33 degrees Third Deputy, (?) of Hawaii in 1889 age 32 migrated(?) to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Judge First Circuit Court (March) 1893 - 1895 Minister of Foreign Affairs (Rep of Hawaii) 1895-1899, Acting President of Republic of Hawaii, and part of 1898 Minister of Public Instruction 1896-1899, Attorney General of Republic of Hawaii 1899, Minister of Finance 1899, President Board of Health q1899, and First Secretary Territory of Hawaii 1900, (Ref: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF GOVERNMENT in Hawaii pg. 33) First Circuit Court - 1st Judge March 22, 1910 - March 7, 1914. (Ref: Digest - Supremet Ct. of Hawaii - 1916).

"...the Cooper Regime an unusually larger number of blue lodge members applied for the degrees of the Rite. Among these were leaders in business, the professions and government as will go the order," (i.e) Wallace Rider Farrington" (p.34, 100 YEARS...HAWAII)

Sixth Governor of the Territory of Hawaii - 1921-1925, 1925 - Reappointed by U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. (p. 46 - The Story of Hawaii and its Builders)

"Henry Ernest Cooper member of the "Committee of Safety" - "Committee of Thirteen and Chairman"

Ames S. McCandless former Imperial (?) with the Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North America.

King Kalakaua, through Samuel G. Wilder, then Minister of the Interior, in San Francisco, 1880, brought McCandless to the islands the same year...Imperial (?) and etc. at the Convention in Washington D.C. June 1923, when the late President of the United States, Noble Warren G. Harding, took active part in the ceremonies. (Ref. Story of Hawaii and its Builders, pg. t622-23)

John A. McCandless - capitalist. The leader of Mary of theForjest Business enterprises of Hawaii - a member of the Committee of Thirteen, Brother of James S. McCandless 1894 - 1898 members of the Senates (Republic of Hawaii), came to Honolulu in 1881 is a Mason and a Shriner. Founded his fortune in Hawaii 1877..." (same ref. pg. 624-25)

"Lincoln Loy McCandless ...arrival in Hawaii in 1882 to team with his two brothers..A. ..court held in the Territory and Senate 1903, then established the right ....prove title to their holdings (etc.). (same refs)

In the Cabinet Samuel Parker and Cornwell were holding out against Peterson...Colburn refusing to capitulate with the Queen's consent, the following mere were to consider the situations:

A.A. Schaefer, Jo Carter, Sm Damon, W.M. Gifford, SC. Allen, E.C. MacFarlane," (Evidence Ref "BETRAYAL OF LILIUOKALANI, pg. 287) Names with under line are Masons) FA Schaefer arrived 1857 . worked - (MEN OF HAWAII).

Charles J McCarthy - Governor Territory of Hawaii, 1918 - 19231 appointed by President Woodrow Wilson June 22, 1918 ...member of Knights of Pythias.Assistant Supreme, Chancellor, I.O.O.F, Past Grand, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Past; B.P.O.E., past exalted ruler- Honolulu, 1881 March, arrival. He was a member of the House of Nobles, Kingdom of Hawaii, 1890; August legislature 1892.) Senator, Territorial legislature 1907 - 11 (etc.), (Ref. Evidence, MEN OF HAWAII, p. 277.)

Woodrow Wilson, 1932, Accept order of the White Eagle, to establish government; 1921, Admittance to Bar, Washington, D.C., and New York City (Ref: Biography of Presidents)

Castle, George - Pamell, Financier and Philanthropist, second generation of Castle family in Hawaii. Active in the change of government from a Monarchy to an American Territory;.. .father is Samuel N. Castle...during the revolution in 1893; WCastle was a member of the Honolulu Rifles Association and of the Citizens Guard...Advisory Council...Rep of Hawaii...Active member of the Hawaiian Board of Mission and a member of Excelsior Lodge, I.O.O.F, (mason) (Ref: Evidence MEN OF HAWAII, p. 127)

Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Grover Cleveland (one of 11 Presidents who were members of "Phi Beta Kappa".

Martin Van Buren, President, 1837-1841, March 3rd. Dutch. Dutch Reform Church; submitted to Bar, New York City, Nov. 1803, 1825, Gov of New York; third of 11 Presidents who were members of Phi Beta Kapa; Appointed Minister to Great Britain, June 25, 1831. Received by William at Windsor Castle, then France, Germany and Netherlands; September 4, 1837 suggested investigation be made of the Independent Treasury on (?) Treasury plan; July 4, 1840 signed independent Treasury Act, Sub # Treasuries were established in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. (forerunner of the GED. Res. Bank) - lasted to 1913 when F.R. Act passed Congress, thus became a F.R. Bk) (from The Book of Presidents) surfacing Masonic relations in Presidents is very secret.

Start with Queen Liliuokalani' s name: according to researcher Chris Roses, it is a Masonic name.

Lili'u Kamaka'eha: (Liliuokalani) name given in birth September 2, 1838.

born of Kapaakea - blood father Kapaakea and Keohokalole - blood mother, named by Kinau: Full name: Liliu (?) Walania Kamakaeha. Liliu was baptized - "Lydia", her Christian name (p. 40) Officially became "Lydia Paki", adopted daughter of Paki and Konia - hanai (pg. 40)

The name "Liliuokalani" was "given" her by her brother "David Kalakaua", after, as elected King named her heir apparent in 1877 - a name which she said in 1891 was "noname at all>" (pg.41) (Ref.Evid. from "The Betrayal of Liliuokalani" by Helen G. Allen)

1856 - Hawaiian Lodge No. 21...From the beginning the understanding between The blue Lodges and the Scottish Rite wasexemplification. ..also true with the York Rite Bodies, old brothers in the islands...since Damons, McDuff, Kalakaua and others were the organizers of those bodies...(p. 19, Evid - 100 hundred years).

So David Kalakaua was a Mason long before becoming King and giving his blood sister Liliu Kamakaeha -kanaka lineage name The Masonic longer name upon becoming heir to the throne - Princess Liliuokalani in 1877.

Each step was a step away from the original lineage and hanai adoption to the Western system of heritage. What does change of name mean in law - Western wise - or even Hawaiian wise-as "property" goes? Who has Title? The Masons - "Free Mason" - "Entitlement" to what?

Note and comments: What does "brotherhood" mean when in reality it is not blood brother? It appears the intent to maneuver claims, or access to Masonic connections. Research incomplete.

Queen Liliuokalani seems to never have openly said she is a Free Mason; but she married a Mason, accepted all of the Masonic courtesy's - benefit, and privileges - without context and protest. However "...Mr. Josepa Kahoohihi Nawahi of Kalaniopuu.. .was twenty years a legislator.. .with Mr. William White...maintained a strict fidelity to the wishes of the people by whom (they) had been elected. The two Patriots "never compromised principles;. ..the true patriotism and one of country of these men had been recognized by me, and I had decorated them with the order of Knight Commander of Kalakaua" (p. 300, Hawaii's Story by Queen Liliuokalani) , Queen Liliuokalani could decorate them Masonically only, if she had been a Mason for the decoration to have meaning - "Validity" otherwise its an empty gesture; The vesting of such authority to confer decorations in Orders items (?) a Grant of Privilege from another 33 degree Mason - such as King Kalakaua was prior to his "death" from the Grand Sovereign Commander - Albert Pike; and King Kalakaua could only so act if he had been "given" such authority by Pike; So one sees that Queen Liliuokalani was a Free Mason, but unwilling to openly state so - lived in private, secrecy not so; which is typical for a "Free Mason". So then who "created the Semblance of Acquisition of Adverse Possession" by unconsionable consent to the "Sandwich Islands"? Does each change in name give rise to a change not only in status, but also "Title Holder" - "giver"?

"David Kalakaua". In Queen Liliuokalani' s Genealogy (P. 399 - Hawaii Story by Queen Liliuokalani) She uses the names "Kalakaua" and "Liliuokalani" as blood sister of "Kapaakea" and "Keohokalole" .

However, Keohokalole daughters name is Liliu Loloku Walania Kamakaeha" and not "Liliuokalani" ; So what was David - non-Masonic- non-Christian- Name (Keoni Kapu). Susch, if true, one can conclude that "David" is the Christian name, Like "Lydia" (Paki) for Queen Liliuokalani given prior to entry into the "Royal School" run by the Cookes; and Kalakaua is either the hanai name, God/ or the Masonic Name and Title, heir of Masonic Curtesy's status, etc. allegiance, and therefore not of "blood lineage" any longer, even if "David" had been the name in the beginning, unless David Kalakaua explicitly so states otherwise, in the record's somewhere.

King Kalakaua's wife was known as "Madame Namakeha" after she married Free Mason King Kalakaua.

Editors note and comments: "Madame Namakeha" also known as Queen Kapiolani was the sister of Princess Poomaikelani and Princess Kinoike.

Queen Kapiolani was the hanai/adopted daughter of Kaluakini (k), husband of Kaakau (w); Kaanana (w); Kawahineahanui (w); and Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w) the daughter of Princess Poomaikelani.

Queen Kapiolani was the hanai/adopted sister of Kaluakini's children, including Elizabeth Kaimiola Kaluakini who married Joseph Gora, son of Matsugoro Takeshita/Joe Jap aka's and Hawaiian descendant Maria,(Kamehameha School student in 1910.)

Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani went to Great Britain-England to Queen Victorias Jubilee and was given Masonic honors and courtesy's just prior to "The Bayonnet Constitution" Revolution.

John Owen Dominis husband of Princess Liliuokalani was a 33 degree Mason. He was given the highest honors Masonically by the Prince of Wales, Grand Master Mason in the World.

The following are documented Masons:

1. Wm. C. Parke

2. Archibald Cleghorn - brother in law of King Kalakaua and Princess Liliuokalani, father of Princess Kaiulani. Cleghorn had two (2) "illegitimate" children.

3. Abraham Fornander

4. Charles Thomas Gulick

5. Albert Francis Judd

6. Alexander McDuff

7. Samuel Parker

8. Frederick Shaefer

9. William Luther Wilcox

"David Kalakaua, Liliu's blood brother (p.47) "same parents" Kapaakea and Keohokalole (p. 15) and yet, it has been said that "neither by birth nor hanai did he (David Kalakaua) qualify as a Kamehameha but neither did Lunalilo, although he was of lineal descent. The Kalakaua (Keawe) line was not...but Kalakaua had not ...but Kalakaua had not been by birth nor by hanai, a Kamehameha. It was a great obstacle to his succession" (p. 128, The Betrayal of Liliuokalani).

editors notes and comments:

King Lunalilo was an heir of the Kamehameha's. His mother Kekauluohi /Auhea was married to both Kamehameha I and Kamehameha II. His mother descended from Kaheiheimalie and Kamehameha's older brother. His father was Charles Kanaina. Kekauluohi/Auhea had been married to Kaheakulani before she married Charles Kanaina. Kaheakulani descended from Puali who was close to Kamehameha I and II.

There appears to be no disputes as to his assuming the role of the King because he was the oldest of the widows of Kamehameha I and Kamehameha II.

Both King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani were the children of Keohokalole who was the hanai/adopted child of Nahuina (w), a Kamehameha descendant.

King Kalakaua's children and Queen Liliuokalani' s children married into the Kamehameha families.

So, the "brotherhood of Masons/Freemasons" was and was always less than the status of the Royal families in Hawaii and elsewhere in Monarchy/ Constitutional Monarchy governments.

Cleghorn, father of Princess Kaiulani, had two "illegitimate" daughters. One became part of the family of Sanford B. Dole, criminal, usurper, terrorist, conspirator of our families, and the Hawaiian Kingdom, Kingdom of Hawaii. The family remains problematic due to the fact that they married a "Lucas" descendant and the descendants are directly associated with the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools trust maintained by fraudulent claims, supported by PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends, including treasonous persons, terrorists, identity thieves of our Royal families personal properties by criminal deviants perpetuating frauds, conspiracies, etc. including trustees whose rights terminated at the death of Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop who had only a life interest in the estate, was treasonous, etc.

References: Princess Kaiulani's books, Liber 142 page 142 Deed of life interest from Charles Reed Bishop.

1882 - D. W. Pauahi aka's, son of Peke Davis and Keawe, stepson of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/ Makaeha/Liliuokalani/Queen Liliuokalani was married to Wahinealoha (w).

Wahinealoha (w) was the widow of John Booth, son of Joseph Booth, whose family appears to have been a family of Masons/Freemasons:

John Booth's siblings were: Sarah A. Booth married to Henry Berger.

Grace Booth

Alice Booth married to James Dodd

Emma C. Booth married William Maertens

Ida E. Booth married to Enos Nordborg

John Booth's mother was Annie who remarried and became Annie Long.

The witnesses: Sanford B. Dole

William Maertens

Emma C. Maertens

Sarah A. Berger

Henry Berger

Editors note and comments:

Sanford B. Dole was an attorney who appears to have had his claws in the Royal families claims, associations, etc. and appears to have been the PIRATE at work, and assuming the position of Provisional government head.

Sanford B. Dole was an attorney for DW Pauahi's aka's mother-in-law Princess Poomaikelani as well.

All of the names above appear to have been Masons/Freemasons. Research incomplete.

The Dodd name appears to be affiliated, executive of the Bank of Hawaii, the Berger's name became affiliated with Sears, Roebuck and Company. Research incomplete.

D.W. Pauahi was thrown into the penal colony, Kalaupapa, Molokai.

Reference: Liber 76 page 246-247, Bureau of Conveyances, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

1888 - Kaluakini (k) and wife Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w) gave their six (6) children to his mother Kaili/Kamaliiwahine/Kekainui/Kailihou (w) and King Kalakaua's son Kaopumomona/Kaopu/ Kolomona Kaopumomona (k).

The four parties (Kaluakini (k), Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w), Kaili/Kamaliiwahine/Kekainui/ Kailihou (w), and Kaopumomona/Kaopu/Kolomona Kaopumomona (k) ) deeded all of their interests to the six (6) children.

Kaluakini (k) and wife Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w) were sent to the Leper Colony, Kalaupapa, Molokai. Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w) was a "kokua" a helper.

Editors notes and comments:

"kokua", helpers were given the opportunity to remain with their loved ones ONLY if they submitted to leprosy experimentation. Many were innoculated with the leprosy disease, etc.

1888 - D.W. Pauahi aka's married to Miliama. Miliama deeded all of her interest to D.W. Pauahi aka's daughter Mele Keawe.

1891 - August 27. Mason/Freemason John Owen Dominis died. His widow was Hon Lydia K. Dominis/Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/Liliuokalani/Princess Liliuokalani later Queen Liliuokalani.

The Justice of the Supreme Court was Sanford B. Dole, the 2nd Deputy Clerk was George Lucas, Jr.

Editors notes and comments:

Sanford B. Dole and Lucas were connected and appeared to have been working to maneuver the Royal families lands, etc. by conspiring against the families and later the government.

Both were Masons/Freemasons. Lucas was part of the Knights of Pythias. Research incomplete.


First Circuit Court Probate #2749, Estate of John Owen Dominis Chief Justice Judd presided.

Editors notes and comments:

Albert Francis Judd was the one who stole the papers off of Queen Liliuokalani's desk. He was the witness to a deed from Mataio Kekuanaoa, fifth(5th) wife Kalima/Kalimakuhi/ Kamahine and Keaka (w) to his own brother Charles H. Judd.

The defraudation of heirs occurred with this wife of Mataio Kekuanaoa, which shows a deliberate maneuver to criminally assume lands belonging to rightful descendants/heirs.

Judd worked with Sanford B. Dole, conspirator, terrorist, etc. and appears to have been a Mason/Freemason as well. Research incomplete.


Bureau of Conveyances Liber 19 page 175, Liber 19 page 12, etc. Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

1893 - Queen Liliuokalani wrongfully dethroned.

She was "deposed", "overthrown" by Mason Sanford Ballard Dole.

The Treasurer of the United States, D.N. Morgan:

"one object at my visit to Washington was to ask a favor of the Masonic fraternity.. .I sent a letter to Mr. Frederic Webber, Secretary of the Supreme Council, (33 rd degree/thrity third degree, as ... him to call at my apartments, .......he had been one of the thirteen masons of high degrees to call on the party of Queen Kapiolani, at that committees of the Supreme Council, General Albert Pike....was the head. (at which time she was given a Certificate to call upon Masons the world over should the need arise for assistance.) . Besides this, Mr. Webber was, during the lifetime of Governor Dominis, in correspondence with ....about connected with the order? (p. 343, Hawaii Story by Queen Liliuokalani)

Queen Liliuokalani denied having signed a Trust deed.

Editors notes and comments:

Criminal Trust formed utilizing Queen Liliuokalani's funds, and fraudulent claims of a Queen who was under stress, duress, usurpation, and coercion. A Queen who documented the wrongs, the criminal issues, A Queen who documented that the U.S. breached the law of nations, etc.

Reference: Lien/Affidavit/ Notice No. 96-177455 filed on 12/17/96 (281 pages), Bureau of Conveyances, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

1894 - D.W. Pauahi, stepson of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/ Queen Liliuokalani (married to Keawe who was married to Peke Davis, mother of D.W. Pauahi aka's) and wife Wahinealoha had a mortgage cleared with Bruce Cartwright and Alexander J. Cartwright.

Liber 147 pages 82-84, Bureau of Conveyances, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Editors notes and comments: Bruce Cartwright and Alexander J. Cartwright were problematic and appear to have been Masons/Freemasons as well. Research incomplete. 1902 - D.W. Pauahi, stepson of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/ Queen Liliuokalani (married to Keawe who was married to Peke Davis, mother of D.W. Pauahi aka's) married the granddaughter of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/Queen Liliuokalani named Haili/ Kaili/Kalama (w). She was the daughter of Princess Poomaikelani. Editors notes and comments: See above regarding attorney Sanford B. Dole, conspirator/Pirate/ terrorist/ usurper of Hawaii's Queen, etc. Reference: Bureau of Conveyances, Liber 238 pages 400-401, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. 1912 - J.O. Dominis Deed "hereby release and quitclaim unto the said D.W. Pauahi, his heirs and assigns all my right, title and interest of in and to the lands, tenements and hereditaments in the within mortgage named and described" to D.W. Pauahi (reference made to Liber 47 page 66) filed at the Bureau of Conveyances, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii with the date of January 16, 1897. 1917 - Queen Liliuokalani died. Criminal Trust, Americans failed to listen to Queen Liliuokalani' s opposition. formed utilizing Queen Liliuokalani' s funds. Prince Kuhio received an out-of-court settlement to his claim that Queen Liliuokalani did not sign a Trust. 1921 - May. "Title to historic old Washington Place, home of Queen Liliuokalani, late of the Hawaiian monarchs, today passed to the territorial government." "Joseph Lightfoot, deputy attorney general, this morning presented to Circuit Judge Cornell S. Franklin the final order condemning the property for public purposes, and the judge signed it. Later the order was filed in the Office of Clerk Henry Smith, together with a receipt for $55,000, signed by the trustees of the Liliuokalani trust." "The sum of $40,000 was appropriated by the legislature a few years ago for the purchase of the residence and land. Under a bill passed at the 1921 session, the governor was authorized to pay out of his contingent fund the difference between $4-0,000 and the figure that would be fixed by the court as the value of the property." "Governor Charles J. McCarthy has been residing at Washington Place for some time, paying the rent himself. The recent legislature refunded this rental." Editors notes and comments: Queen Liliuokalani has documented descendants/heirs. She had maintained that she did sign a trust deed. She was under stress, duress, coercion, and usurpation along with the Royal families. 1993 - U.S. President Clinton signed Public Law 103-150 and admitted wrongdoing. 1996 - Lien/Affidavit/ Notice No. 96-177455 filed on 12/17/96 which includes Queen Liliuokalani' s opposition to signing a Trust deed. 2005 - Lien/Affidavit/ Notice filed. 2007 - Lien/Affidavit/ Notice filed. 2007 - June 1. Friday - Eviction of entity Governor Linda Lingle, etals. from Washington Place, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Descendants of Queen Liliuokalani exist, who are non-Masons/ non Free Masons, but Royal persons who also happen to be descendants of Kamehameha, Kalanimoku's heirs through his wife Akahi and his younger brother Luluhiwalani who was married to Kalola (w) the documented first cousin of Bernice Pauahi Bishop married to PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC Charles Reed Bishop, a Mason. Eviction of Military from our families lands due to the criminal use of depleted uranium/DU weapons on Royal families properties, private lands of Royal persons. 2125 - 299 year lease expires and reverts to the government, the Kingdom of Hawaii/ the claimed "Sandwich Islands" Note and Comments: With the U.S., Great Britain breach of the Law of Nations/Laws of Nations, conspiracies supported by the U.S. for Sanford Ballard Dole, etals. ALL MASONS/Masons/ Freemasons, the brief history above shows further collusion efforts in an earnest effort to assume lands, monies, wealth of Royal persons from a recognized Monarchy/Constitutional Monarchy government whose ancestors maintained a peaceful, friendly nation, the first who passed anti-slavery laws in 1852 versus the U.S. who passed their in 1865. The true owners exist with documented evidence from historical, genealogical, American Civil War, Masons/Free Masons, perspectives due to the detailed research and assistance from other researchers such as Chris Roses, Wolfram Graetz, John Kaminski, Greg Palast, etals. in the U.S. and the World. Research incomplete. aloha. __________________________________________________
please check or site at hawaiian_genealogy_society or or geocities for full articles. see film on Princess Poomaikelani
see for Kansas-Dust In The Wind 03:22 From: sonybmg Views:823,542

RE: Political War forum - Depleted Uranium messages Wiped Off and appears someone wrongfully banned

To: "David H."

hi David.....

Thought you were that mod who banned me without notification. ....

As my ancestor Kamehameha (founded the Monarchy government in 1810) said, "Imua!" or move forward/ahead, etc.

Am also a descendant of Kalaniopuu, the alii nui who was the target of kidnapping from Captain James Cook - James Cook by the way/btw failed to respect the culture of others and grabbed Kalaniopuu on the shoulder.... .swift retaliation was made by yet another ancestor name Kameeiamoku because NO ONE could touch the alii nui.

Am also a descendant of John Young, from England, who was Kamehameha's advisor/ counselor.

Am also a descendant of Isaac Davis, from England, who was another of Kamehameha's advisor/counselor.

Am also a descendant of Nuuanu, a konohiki of Kapalama and Waialae, Oahu, and owned shared properties with Kamehameha III, his nephew - Kamehameha Schools campus sits on some of our families properties. Kamehameha Schools perpetuate frauds of the conspirators, descendants, terrorists, including the current trustees operating on OUR families lands, monies, etc. supported by a State entity (evolved from the Provisional government (actually entity) turned Republic, turned Territory, turned State with a U.S. Presidential Proclamation as being a State (note: President Eisenhower HATED Germans and was a Jew; he (and all U.S. Presidents) had no jurisdiction outside of 3-12 miles from the contiguous United States along with Congress/bedfellows with memberships and connections to the Knights of Pythias Masons/Freemasons. Oppositions have been documented by many over time about Hawaii, a separate, sovereign nation occuped by scoundrels, conspirators, criminals... .......mega corruption activities supported by the U.S. etals. forming a CRIMINAL MECCA OF THE U.S., utilizing OUR families, peoples money, assets, resources, and perpetuating frauds against OUR people, and utilizing monies to PLUNDER UPON INNOCENTS/ exterminate/ WARMONGERING at OUR expense...which is absolutely NOT O.K.!

I am one of the all of the above descendants and more!

I've had the fortunate opportunity of taking part in some of the most fascinating interactions on the web .......... the intent was and is to share the knowledge... ..for you'll never see such research, evidence on the American media....such as CBS, NBC (LOL), etc......... we're seeing the evolution of PIRATES operations from the past affecting EVERYONE in the world today....including the EXTERMINATION CAMPAIGNS UTILIZING DEPLETED URANIUM!.... .

Wake up and smell what's left of the roses....because if you haven't already noticed..... ....

OUR BEES are dying....... ..the creatures of the world are dying!...... .....the DEPLETED URANIUM appears to be melting the snow......meaning the WATER SOURCES OF MANY are slowly dwindling... ........the URANIUM MINES are owned by the heads of the scoundrel operations.. ........did hear that the Queen of England owns the bulk of the stocks... the uranium mines leads to the making of EXTERMINATION focused weapons utilizing DEPLETED URANIUM..... .......can you hear me/can you hear us/researchers, etc.?

The following was an important post just received from Leuren Moret, a Depleted Uranium expert about the EIS - 'Strykers in Hawaii ' comment:

I tried to submit a Public Comment on the EIS for the Strykers in Hawaii, but my email was blocked by a hacker until midnight which made it arrive ONE MINUTE after the deadline of Oct. 30, with a date on the email of Oct. 31.

I would like notification that you have received and accepted it. Since I am a high profile scientist working on the depleted uranium issue in Hawaii, I am under constant harrassment at the direction of Dr. Michael Kilpartick in the DU office at the Pentagon.

I am also a nuclear weapons lab whistleblower at the Livermore lab with a long history of interference from LLNL and the Univ. of California. The DOE instructed the DOD to prevent Major Doug Rokke and I from reaching the public with information they need on the DU issue.

Please email me that you received and accepted my Public Comment.

Leuren Moret
(Hi Leuren!...received your message and posted it here and Part 2 of the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk news on the web Vol II No. 155 October 31, 2007--aloha and malama pono!)

Thank you and aloha.

"David H." wrote:

Hello, Amelia: Do you mind if I forward this email to the mod who banned you in an attempt to protect POLITICAL WAR? He knows the Delphi rules much better than I do and may have questions about what you've told me. If I understand him correctly, it is okay to print a few lines from an article but not more than that. That is a TOS rule, I believe. The poster is supposed to print no more than a few lines (no more than a paragraph or three, if my memory serves me) AND provide a link to the article that they're quoting from.

Let me know if you're okay with my forwarding your email.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 22:31:37 -0700 From: hawaiianhistory@ Subject: RE: Political War forum - Depleted Uranium messages Wiped Off and appears someone wrongfully banned To: hornheadwar@
hi David,

Thank you for responding.. ...but, no, this message is new to me.......

as you know....the info posted at the Middle East forums are public information. ...

if you will notice, already copyrighted info is entered onto a copyrighted forum such as my articles, parts of my books, pamphlets... .......

notice that my entries number 600+........ ...
am posting you my recent copyrighted article which was compounded copyrighted by the middle east forums:

The following is a revised version of an article appearing in the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk Vol II No. 133 Wednesday Weekly May 30, 2007. This revised version will appear in IOLANI - The Royal Hawk Vol II No. 155 Wednesday Weekly October 31, 2007.

This article was and remains part of the EVICTION notices for my ancestors home at Washington Place, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii occupied by the entity 'State of Hawaii' which has evolved into an ongoing criminal organization supported by the U.S. in creating a mecca of fraud works, criminal claims on existing Royal families inheritances even today. Continued mucking up of our families lands by the occupying military utilizing depleted uranium weapons, etc. is not o.k.

The track record of criminal deviances, occupation, conspiracies, are hereby presented to all. The crimes against Hawaii indeed affects the World today. The Truth affects many today.

The names in Hawaii's history appears to be problematic for everyone in the world today. Some of the names are as follows: Dole's, Thurston's, Smith's, Carlyle's, Morgan's, Judd's, Carter's, Cartwright's, Brown's, Meyer's, Lucas, Rhodes, Bishop's, Macy's, Bush's, etc.
Crown Lands of the Hawaiian Monarchy

Crown Lands are the Royal families Lands (approximately 1 million acres), the private lands of Kamehameha III, his heirs and successors, which he set aside for the dignity of the royal office with the intent of it being the private properties of his heirs and successors.

The Crown Lands were the private lands of King Kamehameha III.


The U.S. conspirators/terrorists/treasonous persons in collusion with their U.S. government did premeditate the criminal assumption of a neutral, non-violent, independent nation under a Monarchy form of government. Legally, the act was illegal and Queen Liliuokalani documented that the U.S. breached the Law of Nations. Under stress, duress, usurpation, and coercion, Hawaii's Queen, Kamehameha's descendants, heirs, and her subjects submitted to the planned U.S. military occupation.

The Treaty with the United States, ratified on the 19th day of August 1850, stated in article I reads:

There shall be perpetual peace and amity between the United States and the King of the Hawaiian Islands, His heirs and successors.

The treaty over Pearl Harbor was due to expire (1894) and the U.S. feared that they would have lost the right to maintain a military base. The premeditation to assume the Kingdom of Hawaii was set through the standing orders from Washington as documented in the New York Times, dated January 9, 1893 or seven (7) days before the criminal dethronement of Hawaii's Queen on January 16, 1893.

President Benjamin Harrison was then the U.S. head, a former American Civil War General whose Vice President was a bank owner who was well versed in internation money transfers. The U.S. was bankrupt, along with England and their agent James Morgan purchased the U.S. Vice President's bank and secured funds which were used to finance business, and Wall Street stocks.

President Grover Cleveland won his second term as President after losing to Benjamin Harrison. The U.S. was in a depression in 1893, losses accounted for the expense of the American Civil War which left the U.S., England, and France bankrupt. All three nations did invest in the War which funded the Confederate army, moreso than the Union army. In other words, the move to support slaves, workers for the plantations, etc. was the motivation of funding the War. Briefly, a U.S. representative requested for loans from the Kingdom of Hawaii during King David Kalakaua's time, and our House of Nobles denied them. The U.S. intended to repay only interest amounts and return the principal after thousands of years.

Conspiracies to assume the Kingdom of Hawaii was planned for years. Conspirators recorded are General Schofield, Lorrin Thurston, Sanford B. Dole, James King, Thomas Akaka, Dr. Mott Smith, U.S. agent B.F. Tracy, Charles Reed Bishop, Albert Francis Judd, etals. are only some of those discovered to have conspired against the Royal families and were set to assume everything, including the Crown Lands, government lands, resources, gold bullions, gold coins, trusts, valuables, shipping income, loans, etc. were regarded by President Grover Cleveland of the U.S.A to be clear violation of International Law.

Although for appearance sake, the U.S. Presidents were actually in collusion with the criminal act of assuming a friendly neutral nation which became a cause for all nations to be on watch for the U.S. and the onward claims utilizing an illegal "Monroe Doctrine" reaching for lands 3,000 miles off of the contiguous coast. President Grover Cleveland's families included bankers who were in dire straits due to the depression and sought monies to invest, etc. It was during this period that Grover Cleveland sold the U.S. Federal Reserves to private parties leaving the nation without its' own banking system. It was also during this period that the Standard Oil Company became a monopoly which escaped legal ramifications because of their moves outside of the U.S., with gained support of the U.S. Military through their attorneys who supported the Standard Oil Company Agreement. The Standard Oil Company evolved into EXXON Oil Company with the same permanent heads, the Rockefellers at the helm. The Rockefellers also purchased the Federal Reserve Bank, etc.

Her Majesty Queen Lilioukalani was dethroned by bankrupt, corrupt U.S. agents under the standing order of Washington and the claims to the Crown Lands along with the government lands, etc. were taken on January 17, 1893. Queen Liliuokalani maintained that the claimed provisional government was neither de facto nor dejure and they were an entity. On July 4, 1894, the entity evolved into another illegal entity dubbed the republic of Hawaii which was patterned after the Republic of Texas. Some of the sugar planter's from the Hawaiian islands had moved over to Mexican territory, squatted on their lands, obtained support from the American military who fought over occupied lands and called it a Republic.

Under continued stress, duress, usurpation, and coercion, Hawaii's Queen was forcefully made to abdicate her position as queen, and the lands "vested in the king for the purpose of maintaining the royal state and dignity" were criminally assumed by the deviants, criminal belligerents, terrorists, pirates, treasonous persons who were in the employ/citizens of the U.S. government.

The pirates constitution provided "That portion of the public domain heretofore, and now to be the property of the Hawaiian government and to be now free and clear from any trust of or concerning the same, and from all claim of any nature whatsoever upon the rents, issues and profits thereof".

The Newlunds Resolution remained simply a resolution which could not alter the status of our Hawaiian government. Oppositions were documented by 40,000 subjects of Queen Liliuokalani versus 3,000 Americans and paid supporters, including the American military who occupied the Hawaiian archipelago since January 16, 1893.

After the illegal annexation of Hawaii to the United States in 1898, supported by England, France, etals. The organic act, passed by Congress in 1900 establishing a government for the territory exclude Hawaii's aboriginals/kanaka maoli. Shortly after, 30,000 subjects were recorded as being slaves, ignoring the fact that the Kingdom of Hawaii during Kamehameha III's reign had passed an anti-slavery law in 1852. The U.S. finally passed theirs (nearly the same wording as the Kingdom of Hawaii's law) 13 years later, or 1865, shortly after the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Criminal conversions, piracies, ruthless, unsconscienable transactions occurred including the planned maneuver of passing lands over to the United States, after securing treaties made amongst themselves, and not with the Royal families, the heirs and successors. Their illegal treaty of annexation also provided that "the republic of Hawaii also cedes and hereby transfers to the United States the absolute fee and ownership of all public, government, or crown lands,...together with every right and appurtenance thereunto appertaining". The treaty was not ratified as such, but their joint resolution providing for annexation adopted its terms. The reality is that a resolution is just a resolution, and not law. The illegal moves of a non-warring nation, a neutral non-violent nation was usurped by an active pirate nation, piracies on the open seas occurred. Additionally, Monarchy government land transactions are not the same as a democratic government's land transactions.

Nevertheless, The United States did premeditate the criminal assumption, piracies of a neutral, non-violent nation, and did WAR with other nations who questioned their actions (Spain, Germany, Japan, Iraq, etc.), and has been documented by our Queen to have breached the Laws of Nations. The U.S., it's agents, pirates, occupiers descendants remain the law breakers and must remain a concern to all in the world today, because the resources, assets of a Neutral nation has been used to WAR, pillage, plunder upon many, many Innocent nations over time. The acts of annexation, joint resolution, Organic Act, Statehood, etc. continue to be illegal activities recorded for the world to see.

The United States of America, occupiers, criminally claimed over 971,463 acres of Crown Land that belongs to the Royal families, descendants and heirs of Kamehameha, who existed then (1893) and now.

Liens, legal filings, etc. has been made with evidence of conspiracies, piracies, etc. Kamehameha's descendants, heirs, along with Kamehameha II's, Kamehameha III's, Kamehameha IV's, Kamehameha V's, King Lunalilo's, King Kalakaua's, and Queen Liliuokalani's families maintain the claims to all hereafter.

As with our alii nui, and alii of the past, we again continue to represent and retain the land claims, etc. of all aboriginal/kanaka maoli in our Hawaiian archipelago.


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