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ALOHA! Welcome to my page. You'll explore the lives of my family, friends, and of course.....ME!

Let's get to know the true Lisa a little bit. My friends describe me as the "funny" one. Well, what can I say....I try to be funny. I think that they're just laughing at me looking retarded and trying to be funny. They're just laughing at me rather than with me. Well, at least I'm getting laughs, right? HAHA.

I'm one of the shortest of my friends. So, I got my nickname, "Shorty". They also used to call me, and sometimes still call me "Furby"...but that's a different story that I might not want to talk about. HAHA. I hate being so short especially when I go shopping for jeans. Like say I go shopping for bell bottoms. See, they fit and all but then the legs are so long that I have to go and get them hemmed, just like any other pair of jeans that I buy. So I take them in to get them hemmed, and then when I get them back and try them on...of course they fit but then the bell bottoms are completely gone! Sometimes the bells will still be there but then for some pants I'm so short that when they hem them, the bells go! But, my grandma always told me, "Be happy that you're short. Short people are always the cutest!" That just lifted my spirits...but I still wish I wouldn't have to go through that torment of the disappearing bell bottoms. HAHA.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those little stories about my life. There'll be more from where that came from, and to check out more about me and my family and friends, check out the Biographies. I hope you enjoy my site! Oh and don't forget to sign my guesbook please! I wanna know how you guys liked my site! Much Mahalo!

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