GSXR Hawaii.... * UPDATE * 7-7-2004, I had a HORRIFIC CRASH that almost killed me this past Febuary...

GSXR Suzuki's. Of all the bikes that I have owned over 40 years of riding bikes, GSXR's are my favorites. I built a GSXR 750 with a tricked out 1100 engine in it called a 711. 7-11 is also my Birthday!

On Febuary 24th 2004, my 711 almost killed me.

I did something really stupid, I wheelied through 3 gears and hit the rev limiter in 3rd going about 130mph, the front wheel came down and went into a VIOLENT tankslapper that had the front tire screeching as it snapped from right to left, finally shearing the right side fork stop off, letting the handlebar come all the way into the side of the gas tank, CRUSHING my thumb breaking it in 2 spots when I lost my grip on the right bar it snapped to the left and threw me over the bars onto the asphalt... at about 125 mph...I was only wearing a Tee Shirt and pants. No Helmet. Dumb. Luckily I didn't hit my head hard, just a tiny scrape. The rest of my body really took a beating. I lost 35% of my skin....I had aera's that were ground right to the bone and then some, my right ankle is flat on the outer side where the joint makes a bump on a normal foot. Not mine it's flat. 5 months later, My right knee still hasn't healed completely.

I slid for half a block! The Bike went over a Block!

The moment I went flying towards the blacktop I thought this is it, I'm going to DIE.... Somehow I survived. God must have something else he wants me to accomplish before I leave here. I should have died. There were times during the recovery I wished I had died, times so dark, I actually wished I would die. I asked God to take my life.

It was one of the most horrific crashes I ever had. I had nightmares about it... It was a dumb, stupid thing I did. I hope no one ever has to go through the misery and agony that I went through....

Enough of my misery story. I finally did a major update to the site, uploading several killer new videos!

A few of the short videos on this site are a couple of years old. This was one of the first web sites I made... about 2-3 years ago. :D

Wickid Crashes and Bashes is just that, people unlucky enough to be video taped getting hurt doing things they shouldn't be doing... like me, too bad no one video taped my dumb stunt. It would have been perfect for this section...

Update 7-7-2004 Uploaded one of the wildest crashes I have ever seen! The guy doesn't get hurt thankfully, but how he managed to hang on to his bike is beyond me.... Check out this insane video! You won't believe your eyes! Wildest Crash Ever!

Wacky People. Some people get off on the strangest things..... Watch in agony as a Hot Babe kicks some poor guy in the nuts repeatedly.... REALLY HARD!!

Wild Motorcycle Videos! The 2003 Sand Race. Thousands of riders race on a sand course, there's a hill that stops most of the riders and the good riders run over the stuck guys bikes and one guy (near end) does a wild jump over the hill... :D

Indoor Backflip. Cool Ramp to ramp backflip.

Korruption, a music video to freestyle jumping. Nice Video.

Now this suprised me, all of the videos here were made using Windows Movie Maker 2 Beta! Shows how good the beta version of Windows Movie Maker is, I really like it, easy to use and loaded with features. Suprising to hear myself say that as I uasually badmouth MS any chance I get! rofl!!!

Till the next update, Take Care, Aloha :-)

If you want to download a video, Right click on the link to the one you want and from the menu that will open, select "Save Target As" and then pick some easy spot to remember where you downloaded it to (like your desktop) and you will have that particular file now instead of having to sit and watch some jerky poor quality video. It always plays back better this way since your not waiting on it to download as it plays.

Links to the Videos

Wild Crashes and Bashes... Thats Gotta Hurt...
Some of the Better Videos I've seen...
A link to some Great short Videos made by an Old Girl Friend
Wacky Videos of People that just aren't too smart or ??....

Hope you liked my laughable first attempt at displaying some of the cool and goofy stuff I have come across! Come back frequently, I will add new stuff occasionly, but since its limited to 15mb of space it won't be here long. Have to make room for new stuff! Hopefully it won't be 2 years until the next upload, Aloha :-)