Life Surfs!
By:Katie sarah and rach
Lets make like a tree and branch...our of here..
DUDE! like no way!
I have 2 words for u! prom queen...material..  
U suck lolipops and more!!
My plan is to take over the planit..get it? plan it?
Life surfs,Like rock N roll surfing iz totally out of control.
Oh no she didnt, omg oh yes she did. ugh
I confused! shut your whole wang chung i have u guys for the rest of your natural born lives your mine next time i come in here im crackin skulls!
My dream is to have a dream!
1 2 freddys coming for u 3 4 betta lock your door!
Dude wheres my surfboard!
Talk to the left cause u aint right!
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