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This Website, Kurdawary, is Site which is independent of political affiliation and ideologies. But Kurdawarey is certainly not independent or indifferent toward the sacred cause of Kurdistan. We hope by visiting this website, you have acquired a better understanding and knowledge of the rich heritage of Kurdish culture and the cause of Kurdistan. The 40 million Kurdish people are the largest nation in the world to be without an independent state. The Kurdish people's homeland, Kurdistan-an area size of France- has been unjustly divided among Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. We dedicate this website to all mankind, to the efforts of Kurdish people's friends on behalf of Kurdistan, to the iron will of the Kurdish nation in resisting the tyranny of the occupiers, and to the immortal souls of the Kurdish martyrs who with their blood have fueled an inextinguishable torch in Kurdistan for hope, freedom, democracy, and self-determination!.

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