“Aristotelians believe that evil men will plague us to the end of time and that,

when they use violence we must be ready to repel them with force.”

“Talking of The Devil, Evil Men, Demons and Barking Dogs of Ethiopia”


By: Dr G Bekele – 24 April 2003



Demon awards such wickedness, such weirdness and such fate only to those he favours, sincerely loves and considers Devil’s messengers. Meles Zenawi is such personality who possesses the gift of a Devil’s prophet. And who knows he may soon crown himself as the Prime Minister for life, rename “Ethiopia” as “Tehadisso Republic” purely not to be undone by Isais who seemed to duplicate everything Meles has done to Ethiopia. There are no spectacles though so terrible as Meles’s Puppets & dogs like Dr Kinfe Abraham, Dr Solomon Inquai & Co. pledging loyalty to a traitorous Prime Minister who has been the most hated leader Ethiopia has ever seen in her over three thousand years history. Seeing and listening to these demonised barking dogs, grown men weep; women and children run for cover. Ethiopian Churches fill with prayers and Shops run out of milk. Yet in the past eleven years some individuals and websites in the Diaspora did that. No matter what, “The whole nation should support Meles Zenawi” they barked & cried. A mirror shattered in Menelik Palace by their terrible noises. Cry Tigrai! Cry Ethiopia!


I am an animal lover hence I have nothing against Mekelle, Adwa, Bale or those dogs in exile who are consistently barking as such. In fact, I would be quite happy if there were packs of wolves roaming the Menelik Palace to have dinner with Meles or bite his legs for supper. It wouldn’t bother me too if I ran the risk of being caught between the gnashing teeth of these wild and poisonous dogs who are roaming in Ethiopia and in the West every time I took a walk in woods or bashing Meles on the internet. I would want to defend myself and other Ethiopian patriots with my lethal weapon: pen, but I would have a certain respect for weak dogs that cannot crawl out of the doghouse for fear.


But what I can’t stand is when these pathetic, manicured filthy & opportunist dogs pads up to us piss and licks our boots, bite the Ethiopian hands that fed them and return to their owner, Meles for a little pat on their brainwashed and empty head and for a drop of Ferfari. Then the only chance these Meles poodles are allowed to impress their natural behaviour is when they are let loose to poo on somebody else’s lawn. Some dogs may appear to like being tickled and patted, but there is a distinction between individual animals seems to want and the species, as a whole would choose. Dogs are the way they are because they have been rendered idiots through selective breeding by Meles and Co.


Therefore, if these dogs that believe they are human, happily fetch sticks for us, it is only thanks to Meles having put to death the refuseniks and having bred from quislings. Dogs come only when they are called. On the face of it, Ethiopia has become a nation of mad doctors & dangerous dog lovers. Now it is “Dogs are welcome Ethiopians are not” in our Embassies, Parliament, Government offices and even Ethiopian palaces. Hence these Devils called ‘the government’ have more concern for hoddam dogs than they have for their well educated and experienced loyal citizens. They are feeding these dogs while starving and torturing millions of human beings. Soon EPRDF will start paying for their cat’s kidney transplant and dog’s hip replacement than for the sick and dying people of Ethiopia. It is a very funny kind of love, manipulating animal’s limited emotions in order to gratify a human being’s desire to control. If they really love dogs, I advice them, the kindest things they should do are to use the likes of so-called Dr Kinfe, Dr Solomon, Berhane Kahsay & Mulugeta for a while, put down the silliest ones & return the others to the wild. That was where they should have been in the first place. These are not racing dogs nor are useful for medical research either.

These shameless barking dogs’s blind loyalty is beyond question. But in politics loyalty, like treason has always been a matter of dates. Ambition is its lifeblood. Whether these foolish supporters like it or not, Meles Zenawi will never again seem as attractive as he was to his TPLF party or his puppet regime EPRDF. He is no foreign adventurer any more, no caped crusader, no backroom bombardier with his tarnished razzmatazz. Mr Zenawi was and still is a mystery to most Tigrians who were conned to support him and the millions who never accepted him as their true leader since he desecrated Ethiopian national flag and later proved him to be a traitor and a masked Shabian agent. His record in TPLF & now in office has been eleven years of paradox. Although still a TPLF and Ethiopian leader by force, his outlook is entirely Hitlerite. Although an Albanian communist at heart, he craves the approval of the democrat west and press but failed without success. He is now exposed and humiliated wherever he travels and his citizens are crying on all medias and regularly appealing to the international community to deal with him. Although talks as liberal, he imprisoned and murdered more Ethiopians than his predecessors. A pretender loyalist during the struggle, he is now a ruthless and reckless dictator in power. And yet wicked and poisoned dogs bark for him. Cry Ethiopia!


He snubbed TPLF’s power base by imprisoning his long time friends. Now the one time champion of Tigrians is leading Tigrai and the whole of Ethiopia to the brink of starvation, disease and destruction. And yet appeasers like Aiga, Hmbasha and those other barking dogs called him a rising African leader. When I read some of their scribbles, I always had this funny feeling in my tummy. It made my heartache for a start and an almost paralysing weakness in my knees too. Especially when I read their silly tactics to divide Tigrians from the rest of their Ethiopian brothers and sisters and tell the public big lies about me and other patriots, I felt that I have gone paralysed to even make them live the rest their sinful lives with more guilt of putting millions of Ethiopians and me in a wheelchair. So how come these cults worship this strange devil called Meles? I think Meles Zenawi’s future is in doubt. It is a price worth paying to peacefully resign and secure his safety. His moral leadership has evaporated. Only justice or his resignation can slake our thrusts for revenge. If that doesn’t happen, I personally will haunt him down and bring him to justice. Cry Badme!  Cry Wellega!


We can’t deny though that he is still a superb pretender and presenter of lies. We had his likes and better ones during the Derg era too but they were all liars and murderers. Meles though a good storyteller, he has never shown himself decisive or bold. He is painfully like the hesitant too of others and in particular Shabia depicted by his satirical doppelganger, Adolph Hitler. He claims to be educated at least by correspondence and then purchased an honorary doctorate degree to suit his deceptive mind and yet un-intellectual. He likes things simple if not by force, which is why, he is uncomfortable with economics, democracy & rule of law to say the least. He doesn’t read Bible, Quran or Shakespeare but only his own Tehadisso that was written for him by his Cadres and the book he claimed to have written on Eritrea. Cry Martyr’s Blood Sprinkled in Badme!


Meles is colluding with fascism and is in his height of evil. He is a man who never thinks beyond the short term. He has fallen in history but he doesn’t care. He is ridiculed and hated by millions of his citizens all over the world but again he does not seem to mind. As he is a shameless creature, it did him no harm. He has no friends left on earth except few opportunists who are conned, fooled and bribed with peanuts. And yet he is happy alone. While he may survive by force in Tigrai and Addis by gun and until 2005, the denouncement of his Prime Ministerial office may be as messy and un-charismatic as was that of his predecessors. That will signal Meles and his regime are not at all democrats but a sect for whom the display of conscience is more important than the state of the nation. He is a dangerous bastard. Hence for the sake of our country and regional stability he needs removing. Cry Alula!  Cry Tewodros! Cry Yohannes! Cry All!

For more than a decade, from the time when he first put his teenage foot on the bottom of political ladder in the 1970s right up to the present day when he occupied one of the great political offices in Ethiopia, it has always been a very good rule for the opposition parties and opponents not to underestimate him. This is not a fashionable view these days. And that is to put it mildly. For more commentators the Prime Minister is at best Mr “Unfashionable” and at worst Mr “Shameless Traitor.” As a result, I always mocked him mercilessly each week as a weak man playing out of his league and out of his little brain. He now finds himself dismissed as the poodle’s poodle, a busted flush, a dictator, a traitor as well as a wicked man whose political fortunes are going nowhere. He has now lost his survival skills and has reached a level and a crisis, which is beyond him.


Even when in his Italian Mussolini style suits and American fancy ties, Meles marked himself out as special among his circles and managed to stay well within the bounds of Albanian communist traditions. In many aspects therefore, he was consistently ahead of the game in his dummy circles by outsmarting the likes of dummy Seyoum Mesfin, Sebhat Nega, Addisu Legesse and the useless Dr Kassu Ilala whose wife and daughter lives in London and works for TPLF office as a filing clerk. Meles has always been more than an accomplished devious technician. Though he is not an ideas politician in the differing ways that same term could be applied to Hitler and Mussolini, he thinks of him as loyal, which he is, but he also has good blood relations with Isais Afewerqi and Yemane Kidane (Jamaica), the overall controller of the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs. All of these needs to be said, and it also needs to be understood, in order to be able to make the right judgement about Meles’s position now. Cry Zalambessa! Cry Tsorena! Cry Adigrat!


His total control over his party TPLF has been supreme and his mastery of the media has allowed him to fool some opportunist cults around some websites and Embassies. Yet today he clings to power by his fingertips and gun. The rumblings about his traitorous leadership could easily slip into open rebellion if it wasn’t because of some opportunists who sided with him and created divisions among us. We are facing the unimaginable that Meles Zenawi could be close to the end. He has started this road with the worst intensions of destroying Ethiopia. But by God, he has found himself in a dead end. There is only one way he can get out of his mess safe and with some dignity and honour. He should listen to the people of Ethiopia and must resign. Cry Ayder School!


Despairing of conclusive proof and losing the battle for public opinion, Meles Zenawi, his cabinet cronies and barking dogs are not just moving the goal post. They are widening the goalmouth and doubling the size of the penalty area. Nobody ever believed him about the recent war, the Hague tribunal and nobody would be under any illusion that Meles’s pretentious u-turn about Badme is his own making. It was purely because of public pressure, which stopped him not to finalize the sell out of our sovereignty. And after eleven years of traitorous activities, nobody would suddenly think Meles might turn over a new leaf. The fact that he is a liar, dictator, traitor as well as ogre is hardly a surprise. Now he is boxed in verbally, diplomatically and politically over Badme. For Meles Zenawi time is running out. Because it is hard to see how Meles can remain in office any longer with honour or with credibility. Cry Adwa for producing such traitors!


The Ethiopian government and Meles, its leader has markedly failed to convince the Ethiopian people, most centrally because they have lost trust in that government and traitorous leader. From now on, you don’t have many doubters in our country about the capacity of this regime to commit evil. We have to expect the worst. Meles only begins to listen to the public when his feet are held to the flames and his head to the wall. Therefore, we have to work hard to put down those silly dogs first to ensure Ethiopia is liberated from Meles and those who oppose democracy and the rule of law. We must fight and win over the demons that drove Meles mad to be able to deliver a better future for Ethiopia and improve life for all her citizens. Cry University student’s blood! Cry!!

I regard EPRDF as one of the most revolting and terrible regimes in the world. And the most unappetising Ethiopian government I have ever known. He is a leader whose arguments chase from one discredited case to another. Meles Zenawi thinks too that it is odd, but he is searching for the: “I do not believe in God, but does God believe in me?” theology. As a result, when some individuals and websites calling, give more time for Meles or give him a break, I say, who is going to help the victims of Mele’s regime unless we do it? Who’ll speak about Badme & Assab? The regime should be indicted for crimes against humanity not given a bloody break. He should consider going to exile to save his people from starvation, destruction & death. He should honour the value of our history and the value of human stands. If he decides to forsake his nation, he is not true to the principles. But we Ethiopians will do everything we can to maintain our honour. Because and unlike Meles and his barking dogs, we Ethiopians have morals. Cry Tepe!


In a situation such as this, we as a citizen have to do what we believe to be right to save our country from further destruction because that is the price of having responsibility. I am truly committed to dealing with this evil regime and his demons irrespective of the position of some doubters and opportunists. I would be pressing opposition parties and the loyal public to be doing so. By doing this we are not breaking the law, we are just carrying out our roles as Ethiopians to be the conscience of the nation. We cannot be silent in the face of violence, torture, treachery and dictatorship. In particular, the intellectuals, the well to do and the able must be the ears for those who cannot hear, the eyes for those who cannot see and the voice for the voiceless. We are simply taking up our mandate to call for a stop to these harassments, intimidations and above all the destruction of our country. Meles is a big gambler, but gamblers can lose as well as win.


I honestly don’t know anyone could expect Meles Zenawi to be a democrat and above all loyal leader to be instantaneous and cover all areas of relevance in his administration. If you have got a naughty child and you say: “clean that mess up now”, he won’t. You have to go away for an hour and give it time. Yes in case his dogs have forgotten, we have given Meles Zenawi time and waited for nearly 12 years but we didn’t make a lot of noises until recently. The end game for Meles Zenawi is now over and underway. After nearly twelve years of debate, argument and fighting over the means of ousting the Ethiopian dictator, his demise is now as imminent as it is inevitable. It is important to understand, however, that the Badme twists and turns of recent months and years do not alter the reality that the decision to remove Meles was taken a long time ago by the Ethiopian people. The few opportunist hoddam dogs may vote for him again, but the majority of the Ethiopian people cannot forget and perhaps may not forgive, the hurt he has done to our hope and trust. Cry Ethiopian Flag! Cry Assab! Cry Afar! Cry Irob!  


Therefore, any fair minded person watching Meles Zenawi’s traitorous, warmongering, divide and rule, dictatorship activities, inhuman policies and sales our sovereignty, would have concluded that we had a Prime minister who was only fit to ignite hatred among the nation and nationalities, lead us to war and got thousands killed to suit his and that of Isais’s devious desires, kill innocent civilians, imprison all his political rivals and critics, murder school children and university students, peaceful demonstrators and subjected millions of his citizens to disease and starvation. Whether his blind dogs finds to swallow these pills or not, it would now appear that Meles Zenawi is approaching his political Calvary to pay the big price. Most devastating for Mr Zenawi was the crimes he committed when he systematically agreed to hand over our sovereignty to our enemies and intentionally left our country landlocked. He is desperate for more time to complete his treason but his power base is weakened due to public pressure. With those dogs crying around him, he is further undermined and by the international community and us all. These are times of reckoning. He is in serious trouble with his fractious party TPLF and the nation. Surely eleven years is too much for a man who has immolated and sold himself for another man’s hateful obsession. Cry starving and sick children of Ethiopia!

The thing about Meles Zenawi at the moment is that perhaps none of us including his supporters understand him or his hidden and mysterious plans clearly and fully. He is doing bad and unforgivable things to Ethiopia and Ethiopians we can’t work out why? I have asked myself the question all the time why is he doing that? Why is he favouring Eritrea – I don’t have the faintest idea. Furthermore, why did he fight for Eritrea at The Hague, the UN and stopped the war prematurely to suit Eritrea? There are many mind boggling things too he did to destroy Ethiopia. Is he really from Adwa and an Ethiopian too? This guy has wrapped himself round a mysterious cause he has been following in the past eleven years and even is prepared to risk his life over. It is very difficult to get rid of such leader who is convinced to die for Eritrea unless he destroys Ethiopia. As a political act, this seems very poor and off political sense. He is diminished not as a Prime Minister but also as sane human being. The biggest issue therefore is not about how to get rid of Meles but; it is about stopping the torture and save the future of Ethiopia.


But harsh though, it sounds, there are many in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora who would willingly have pulled a trigger against these demons and the devil. On my recent visit to Ethiopia, not only the level of economic hardship struck me, but also by the hatred almost everyone I met towards his or her Prime Minister. Though the Aigas, Hmbashas and few supporters relentlessly and unashamedly preached us, you cannot force a humiliated people to pay homage to a traitor and his corrupted government. The barking dogs goal is to keep TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system on power to devide and further destroy Ethiopia. Though no one hates TPLF as such, it is the Shabian trained leaders, mercenaries and their traitorous activities against Ethiopia we did not like. That is the realistic concept for Ethiopia and they understand that. But they needed a chaotic situation to survive and fulfil their greedy desire. They are people who belong ideologically to the past and who survive a philosophy of death. Cry The Homeless! Cry!


I see Ethiopia in the future as a democratic, peaceful and prosperous country within the framework of international values. But it will be a long road and we took several steps backwards because of enemies within, tribalism dogs and our own weaknesses. Such is the humiliation they inflicted on us all. The government does not have effective policies, the country is divided, the ruler is threatening, starving the citizens and his critics have been threatened too. Furthermore, they are damaging the reputation of our country. Democracy is developing elsewhere but if there was any in Ethiopia, they seemed to be abolishing it. It is unimaginable. Is there worse than that and something rotten in the state of Ethiopia? So why has these barking dogs turn on Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Whatever their desperations and opportunisms, their betrayals will soon take them to disaster. It will also be irreconcilable and it will leave black marks. Praising his strong leadership, heraldic democracy, devotion to reforming Ethiopia and claiming he is a shining African leader not only makes me laugh but also vomit. A tyrannical dictator claimed to have endeavoured to steer his country into a new democratic era. Cry Awassa! Cry Ambo! Cry Lideta!


Most of us read Berhane Kahsay’s shabby emotions and blind supports for a traitor. Such attention seeking is easier to live with when packed as morality, but as the classical Greeks said, “know thyself”, with more self-awareness. He is short on integrity. Perhaps he wouldn’t have relied so unquestioningly on his own instincts, treating them as an infallible moral compass possibly divinely inspired that justified his lonely stand against the bulk of Tigrians and Ethiopians as a whole. What he has been saying and presenting may be the right thing to do, but right for whom exactly? Mr Kahsay also presented lists of businesses and few things that are built in Tigrai. What he slipped under the carpet was who owned and benefited from those businesses? I am happy to tell him that the names of the shareholders are in my possession hence can be published if and when necessary. This is to say, the majority of the Tigrai people have not benefited from those businesses as he exaggerated. “There is no fool like the old fool.” That is what these barking dogs are. With children like Meles, Kinfe and Berhane, Cry Tigrai! Cry Ethiopia!

Hence most of what he wrote was distortion and twisted interpretation of facts to fool Tigrians. Furthermore, all are a “hotch potch” of un-audited businesses that actually “distort the whole picture.” The people of Ethiopia and in particular Tigrai cannot be fooled anymore. His ethnicity preaching is not accepted. For God sake, where have the brave Ethiopian patriots gone? Why can’t they deal with Meles and his barking dogs?


Meles Zenawi has proven he is capable of any crime hence we must not permit his crime to reach across Ethiopia and our neighbours. Meles Zenawi changes suits, style and dogs, not substance. His government is unfit to run a corner shop. But the challenge is huge. It is his mess, let us make him, in triumph or disaster, clear it up before he departs. Meles Zenawi’s “trust me” I am a Tigrian and a regular guy act failed all those who wanted unity, peace, justice, democracy and national reconciliation. You would no longer buy a used ex-army truck from this man, let alone an argument for democracy and loyalty for our affairs. He is long on exhortation but short on sincerity. He is a Shaebian trained gangster who is motivated to destroy Ethiopia. We saw many nasty sides to him when he did not get his way and got caught red handed for treason. Instead of patiently and with good humour taking our arguments one by one, as a decent leader with genuine humility would do, Meles insisted those who don’t want dictatorship, corruption and treason could go to hell. That was a disgraceful thing for a leader to do.


It is arrogant, high handed and plain nasty too. He forgets he is our servant, and we are not his. Hence Ethiopia has become a dangerous, chaotic dog’s place. Ethiopia must now look itself in the eye and confront the evil legacy that has corrupted its body politic and threatened violence without end. We have to strive to rise above partisan bloodshed and create a government that is representative of its fractionalised ethnic groups. Let’s ignore the divisive, false and groundless suggestions of Berhane Kahsay and Co. His botched-intelligence-articles that plunged us into despair said unashamedly destroying Ethiopia is democracy. Making Ethiopia land-locked by selling Assab is democracy. Disbanding our defence forces to be hit by Shabia and then forcing youngsters for military service is democracy. Allowing Shabia to bomb Ayder School children and their parents are democracy. Creating senseless war and spending billions is democracy. Dividing Ethiopians and setting ethnic groups against one another is democracy. Developing senseless & inhuman economic policies to humiliate the nation is democracy. Starving over 15 million is democracy. Imprisoning political oppositions is democracy.


Desecrating Ethiopian flag (Yechew Mequateria Cherq) is democracy. Killing peaceful demonstrators and students are democracy. Looting and corrupting the nation is democracy. Systematically selling our sovereignty to our enemies is democracy. Fighting for Eritrea’s cause than for us is democracy. Oppressing press freedom and not allowing Tigrai to read a single private Newspaper is democracy. Destroying private businesses, government companies, banks and controlling all for the benefits of TPLF leaders are democracy. Racist tribalism is democracy. Dividing Bure into two and now losing Badme is democracy. Hmm. I wonder from which planet this shameless moron, husky dog & traitor called Berhane Kahsay came from? Tigrai produced writers like E. Berihu, Y. Hadgu & B. Zemariam not him. Oh no! He may have been born in Mekelle by coincidence as the Eritrean Bereket Simon was born in Gondar. Berhane Kahsay for sure is the true Eritrean agent with an Ethiopian name too. Furthermore, he is an evil trapped in man’s body like his hero Meles Zenawi. Brothers and sisters, if that is not appeasement by the Berhane’s, I would like to know what? Hypocrisy, insolence, betrayal of mother country, being an agent of Shaebia and falsehood may be? Amazing! Is he really a Tigrian born in our Mekelle? I very much doubt that too. Therefore, neither Tigrai nor Ethiopia has anything to rejoice about as he tried to fool Tigrians on Aiga.  He even did injustice to his hero Meles by only listing what Meles did for Tigrai. Mr Kahsay is Atalay Zeregna and a barking dog without ethics. “Platonists on the other hand, tend to see such evil or poisoned dog as some kind of eradicable error that can be eliminated by social engineering.” Whatever Aristotelians or Platonists say, we say, shut up you poisonous dogs, monsters, shameless monkeys, stupid minions, thieves, murderers, dictators and traitors. Period!


“Unified Barking Dogs as ever in Opportunism of Error”


In a regime swept by suspicion, few dogs are trusted. But soon they will bark like these...

Oh God! What then is a traitor? (Haileselassie Girmay)-Double Agent

Oh man, place not thy confidence in traitors’world. (Idris Mohamed)-ex-Anti-TPLF/EPRDF

There is a time to live and to be a traitor but there is also a time to die. That time

has not yet come for me. But it will. (Mulugeta Aserate-Kassa)-The son of a traitor

Six feet of earth for my body and the infinite heavens for

my soul is what I shall soon have in Tigrai. (Fiseha Alemayehu)-ex-Derg

I have lived alone. Let me die alone…let me die alone. (Assefa Abay)-ex-EPRP

My life has been faulty from the time I started worshiping communism.

 But God will judge me by my intentions. (Wuhib Muluneh)-ex-Derg Councillor in UK

Earth do you demand me? I am ready. (Yalew Kebede)-Double Agent

Soon the light of the skies, will be gone from my eyes

Soon the black night will creep, bringing horrible dreamless sleep

Gone-the traitorous struggle and strife, have the sad dream and ambition of my life. (Berhane Kahsay) Mekelle born Eritrean and Shabian Agent

Oh God, may those friends that are not converted to democracy be converted now. In a few months time we will all appear before The Great Judge. Let us prepare to meet him. (Hmbasha Editor)

I am finished with life and am prepared for death. I consider my death as the supreme protest against the sale of Badme & the Ethiopian world of blood and tears. (Aiga Editor)

I thought democracy was the art of running a circus from the Shabia monkey cage and it was a form of government you have to keep for at least twelve years no matter what it does. On many occasion, I foolishly thought that EPRDF’s democracy had at least one merit: namely, that a member of the parliament and government cannot be stupider than his constitution. I also thought democracy was not a way of governing a nation and work for the interest of that country alone but primarily a way of determining who shall govern for looting, destruction and broadly to what ends. I honestly believed too that democracy meant government by the uneducated mercenaries & “Yes Prime Minister” Doctors like me while aristocracy meant government by the badly educated citizens. Now I say to all Ethiopian trusting fools, beware of Eritrean men of low birth who rose to power in Ethiopia from nowhere. (Dr Solomon Inquai, The Old Fool & Autocrat Shabian Agent)

We are going to move left and right at the same time and when in danger or in doubt on Ethiopian sovereignty question, run in circles, yell and shout: hell with Badme, hell with Tsorena, hell with Fort Cardona and Assab! In the past Dr G Bekele said that so-and-so was s.o.b & now Dr Kinfe Abraham is s.o.b too. But Shabia says he is our s.o.b & therefore deserves our support. Hence an honest politician is one who, when the West and Shabia buy him, stays bought. Furthermore, as Mao Tse-tung said, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” not democracy & I say to you that public office is the last refuge of the incompetent like me. (Dr Kinfe Abraham)-Traitor and Eritrean s.o.b 

My advice: Dogs repent now and do not fight for a dying Devil and his Regime.

Meles’s message to his Dogs listed above and The Monster EPRDF


Souls of my soul, now, I am going alone. I grieve for your helplessness. But what is the use? Every torture that I have inflicted, every sin that I have committed, every wrong that I have done, I carry the consequences with me. I am a tyrant who is nothing but a Shabian agent and a shameless western slave turned inside out. Strange that I came with nothing into the world and now go away with this stupendous caravan of sin; wherever I look I see only God. I have greatly sinned and I know now what torment awaits me. Let not Muslims and Christians of Ethiopia be slain & the reproach fall upon my useless head. I commit you & your Son of God’s care & bid you farewell. My corrupt & greedy wife Azeb Gola would fain die with me. I wish to be buried standing and facing Adwa.

(Legesse, Meles, Abebe Zenawi … Ouch! – ex-Prime Minister of Ethiopia)



As philosopher Edmond Burk said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is

for good men & women to do nothing.” I am doing something. Are you? Be honest!






















(Winston Churchill)