Hawg = one really huge bass (preferably a striper)
Hvn = the only place to be
VA = Virginia Beach, Striper Capitol of the World
On Yahoo! I'm HawgHvnVa. On the CBBT Fishing Pier I'm the Fat Man with the Blue Wagon. On the bay I'm the Fat Man aboard the 'Any Minute Now'. My wife is my First Mate, but she doesn't like boats. So my Second Mate is my main fishing partner. He's the Old Man.

Check below for my most recent expedition or use the links to the right to access my favorite sites, previous trips, or tips and tricks. I'm still new to this whole having a web site thing, so it will take time to build - but check back often for changes - weather and God willing.

Come talk story or share fishing tips and tricks. May your lines be tight and your drag properly set.
Fishing Buddy Resume/Interview
07/17/04 - 'Nother CBBT Weekend (Saturday, Anyways . . .)
07/10 & 11/04 - CBBT Weekend - Purty Days & Great Company
Father's Day (Well, Papa's Day!)
03/27/04 - Seagull Pier - 1st Fish of the Year
Sea Gull Pier on a Saturday06/08/03 Short 'N
Sweet06/02/03 Fooling Mother Nature
5/31/03 - Really Desperate Fishing Trip (Under Lesner Bridge, Lynnhaven Inlet)
5/18/03 - CBBT and the Nor'Easter !
5/10/03 - Ditzy Day on the Chesapeake Bay
5/2/03 - Deliverance from the James River - (A Sad Saga)
4/28/03 CBBT and a Couple of Fish