I exist in NSW , Australia. I'm 50 years old and as the saying goes, few women will admit their age but fewer man will act theirs. I have no intention of growing up, so if you sign my guest book, don't bother suggesting it, your wasting good Internet time.

Before I made my move interstate, I lived in a very small town in Western Victoria. So small in fact, our local Vet was also the Taxidermist. His motto was "Either Way You'll Get Your Dog Back"

.Well....if you haven't already guessed..I'm a bloody idiot and am currently striving to remain that way.

I failed sandpit and finger-paint at preschool, managed to sneak my way into the public school sector, where I majored in White Mice Dissection and Rotten Egg Gas Manufacturing. From then it was all downhill.

Breaking News:
  Hurrican Rips Through Cemetery: Hundreds Dead
  Couple Slain: Police Suspect Homicide
  Plane Too Close to Ground: Crash Probe Told
  Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
  Panda Mating Fails: Veterinarian Takes Over
  Miners Refuse to Work After Death
  Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge
  Cold Snap linked to temperatures

I've had numerous places of employment which include: Victorian Railways..where I was employed as a Sleeper. I also worked for Dulux Paints..I was that guy who made up all those silly names for the colors, Duck Egg Blue, Pope Purple, Superman Gray etc. Anyway, you get the idea.

I was married for 23 yrs., but separated now, due to ill health..my wife got sick of me. Actually, with the help of a couple of friends, and numerous viewings of the movie "The Great Escape" I managed to tunnel my out under the house. I now have a full appreciation of what one can achieve digging for 12 years with a teaspoon.

I'm a sarcastic smart arse and derive extreme pleasure verbally tormenting anyone.

I work mainly as a Freelance Artist/Cartoonist, which might explain why I'm always broke, I cant draw for nuts. Now, its mainly Consultancy work ( the first 3 letters of the word CONsultant is a dead giveaway). I am a non drinker, I don't need alcohol to be this bloody stupid. But I do smoke, I'm trying to give it up and have resorted to using nicotine patches (I stick them over my eyes so I can't find my smokes)

Seriously, I have met many great and true friends on here, both local and overseas and attempt to remain in contact with them all via chat or e-mail. I have 2 disabled sons and aggressively seek fairness and equality from Government and Non Government bodies, not only for my sons, but for anyone who is disadvantaged or victimised. I'm often asked for advice and if there was one thing that I could recommend to anyone "If you think and know its wrong, complain sensibly, follow the correct procedures, seek advice and support, be relentless and DON'T STOP until it is corrected".

Phewww...I think that's enough, I almost said something that made sense then. If you want to find out more about me ask..I don't bite...well not too hard anyway.