Welcome to my Guestbook! Hawthorn Rule!!!

Craws - 06/29/00 15:10:39
My URL:http://www.fromtheouter.com
My Email:Hawkers
favourite player: Craws
age: 12
location: Melb
what do you think of the site?: cool

check out how it's supposed to be done at http://www.fromtheouter.com looks like the joke is on YOU

- 06/19/00 22:59:33
My URL:http://lougheed@bgstaff
My Email:carlton
favourite player: kouta
age: 35
location: wynnum
what do you think of the site?: very good arthur
ranking out of 10 ?: 10


Mitch Smith - 06/18/00 23:24:05
My URL:http://www.afl.com.au
My Email:Brisbane
favourite player: Ablett
age: 15
location: Brisbane
what do you think of the site?: It rules, best site i have seen in ages
ranking out of 10 ?: 9.969

Ari, you are a ledgend, even as a supporter of another team, i think that this is an excellent website. Congrats

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