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The Hawkeye Game Club is a group of players based out of the state of Iowa who enjoy playing various games including Heroclix. Competitive, but we didn't forget how to have fun and we always make sure not to take ourselves too seriously.

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Due to Geocities closing down in October, you will find the new HGC site at http://hawkeyegameclub.bravehost.com/index.html. Please update your bookmarks!


Podcasts! Podcasts! Podcasts!

The PseudoRadio Productions family of quality podcasts:

The Pull List - Weekly comic book reviews by Craig and Sean.
Out of Continuity - Comic culture roundtable discussion.
Signed In - XBox 360 gaming discussion with Jeremy and Craig.
Three Die Block - Bloodbowl discussions podcast hosted by Chance and Pauly.

UPDATE #2 - You can now find all the PsuedoRadio Productions podcasts at their new site: http://pseudoradio.blogspot.com/

UPDATE #1- You can now find The Pull List and Signed in on Facebook by searching for the groups. Join up, jerky!

Several of the HGC members have been busy working on podcasts, creating a small family of them called The PseudoRadio Productions. You can hear Candysuxxx (Sean) and Prof Dresser (Craig) on the comics podcast called THE PULL LIST. Prof Dresser(Craig, SuperFro (Jeremy) Candysuxxx(Sean) host a podcast called SIGNED IN which is a discussion show about the news and games surrounding the X-Box 360 and even touching on some of the other systems. Wait, that is not all! Then all those mentioned above plus Mrs SuperFro (Erin), Jay and other special guests appear on a round table discussion about comics and pop culture in OUT OF CONTINUITY (which has a little more naughty, adult talk then the rest). Bloodbowl your game? Check out Three Die Block, hosted by Pauly and Chance. They look at team selections, discuss strategy and even talk about what players must die in their local league!

All the links will be above and also in our Links section here on the site. Check the shows out, rate them on Itunes, and do your part to fight the war on boring silence!

Not convinced yet? Well check out what several of their listeners had to say:

"That is some good stuff indeed. I said what you wanted, can I see my daugher now?" - Mike

"Where the hell are my pants?" - John

"It's better than a sharp stick in the eye" - One Eyed Marla

"Why the hell do I have John's pants" - Rob

"It's like porn for your ears" - Some woman we made up


Heroclix is in a bit of trouble, and there is a real possibility it could be going away. As it is one of the HGC's favorite and most popular games, we would like it to stick around for a long time! Fortunately, Jake Theis, the Brand Manager of Heroclix has spearheaded an effort to save this game and it's community. Please check out the two following links, and please, add the links and information concerning this to your blog, website, Myspace, Facebook, etc.

Save Heroclix - WordPress
Save Heroclix - The newer of the two links


Gen Con 2008 has come and gone, and the HGC is proud to announce three HGC players int he final 16! Our members Chance, Corey and John P. put up a stellar fight, with Chance claiming 2nd in the overall standings! Below is a small article he wrote about his time and experiences at Gen Con this year, please enjoy. The HGC will be seeing all of you at GenCon 2009! Now, read this awesome article:

Making it to the final game was an absolute dream.

I had to play on Thursday but that pressure was greatly eased when it turned out 16 of the 23 players would make it! My friend the_drubber took me out in the final game but we finished 1st-2nd and qualified for Friday.

Friday saw 4 of us HGCers playing and it went just as well. I won my first 3 games and then had the pleasure of playing P. from Vancouver (not sure if she wants her name posted and I don't know her HCRealms name). Even though I lost a close game, it was a blast to play! Our group finished 2nd(the_drubber), 19th(me), 21st(drdoom007) and 25th(MeatLoafX) and were on to Saturday! (Side note here - I love the shirts the Top-64 got. I don't care about the $$$ value, it was way cooler than the chase figures. It really showed WK went out of their way and I appreciate that.)

I was really worried about Saturday. The stakes were starting to get high and that sometimes brings out the nasty in people. I predicted lots of running around to win on points, SIFs to stop your attacks, last minute KOs after 40 minutes of nothing to win games 25-0, stuff like that. I really hate when players try to win with loopholes instead of the original intent of the game, which is to KO your opponent's team. Any objective other than that is cheap (in my opinion) and reeks of especially weak strategic ability.

To my great surprise, I saw none of that on Saturday. Granted, two sealed rounds helped limit team choice (no SIF!) but players could still run on points, etc. No one did that to me. I know it happened to others, unfortunately, but I was lucky.I pulled Skrull Ms. Marvel for the first time in 7 SI sealed events...and promptly got swept off of Table 2. My opponent had TK, normal Marvel and Elektra. I forgot ranged TK and Elektra was able to Exploit SkrullMarvel. I then missed 3 7s at various points, which helped speed up my demise.

In Round 2, I was on the last table, #31. Table #32 was clear because someone dropped. And getting the bye, even a win, virtually eliminated that other player as well. My opponent was very young and wanted to concede after I KOed his Iron Man. I had to plead with him to even stay in the tournament because I wanted the remaining 100 points (SkrullJacket) on his team! I had missed the 8 to hit him 5 times already but, right after he agreed to stay in the game, SkrullMarvel finally hit him with a heavy to one-shot him and get me 288 total points. Not great but it was something.

During the lunch break, my friends suggested Vendetta and Alpha Strike. I hadn't even considered that but quickly realized they were right. Some slight tweaks to my Warbound Dr. Strange/Klarion team and we headed back.

Round 3 was one of the most incredible, fun, rewarding games of Clix I have ever played. I got to play the Italian National Champ and he is just as great a guy as you have heard. He had 2 Vendettas and played Alpha Strike so I was able to get three types of bonuses. But the best part of the game was his aggressive style. There was not a hint of any loophole-exploiting, crutch tactics. It was all-out, KO-style gameplay and it was 50 minutes of pure fun. Great guy.

In Round 4, I played my own Alpha Strike against a Skrull Marvel team. He won map roll and I spent many turns blowing up every bit of blocking on my half of the Crash Site map. He finally took his shot and I was fortunate to make enough rolls to win with bonus Marvel points (Alpha Strike) and bonus Spider-Woman points (Vendetta).

So after a 1st round sweeping, I ended up 7th. I couldn't thank my teammates enough and I was very lucky to have such great opponents.

On Sunday, Iowa had 3 of the Top-16 and we didn't get matched up in the first round. I faced captkool, a former WW winner, and got a lucky first shot in by Maneuvering his Dr. Alchemy off a Galactus roof and into the street. Then dice rolls really decided it and I squeaked by.

Second round, my opponent was Mike H. (which is his screen name as well so I'm okay posting it!) playing KC Supes. He probably could have run around, picked off a Teen or two and won on points. But no, he ran Supes right in, saying he thought he could KO enough points to make Top-8 even in a loss and didn't want to 'play cheap'. He was right. Though I won, he also made Top-8 with a 1-1 record.

In the Top-8, I played a very nice guy (again, I remember his name but not his screen name so I won't post it) playing Namor/Surfer Warbound. This was the closest to an actual comic theme to be played in a Top-8 for as long as I can remember so kudos to both players (there were 2!) for the Defenders love. Again, I was fortunate enough to get more rolls and win.

In the semi-finals, I had to face 2-time WW winner drdoom007, a very good friend that I play all the time here in Iowa. He loves Dr. Doom and actually took the new starter Doom into the Top-4 of WORLD'S! This guy is incredible! He's made Top-8 at WWs something like 7 times, won twice, been 2nd, 3rd and even won Fellowship (I think he is the only player ever to win a WW Fellowship as well as a WW Championship) so I was nervous. He has also beaten me in the finals of four WWs! This time was different. With Kid Flash's Maneuver, I was able to keep Doom away from his MM fodder and get the win.

I've watched a lot of final matches at WW tournaments, including 3 with my close friends playing, and the crowd never made me nervous. It was no different with me playing. The more, the merrier I say! Everyone here has heard about the actual game and there isn't much more I can add. It came down to dice rolls, which is what the big final games should be decided by, in my opinion. After some early positioning, 6 of our combined 7 figures (Dr. Alchemy was the exception) were in one room on the Prison map slugging it out. I had a chance to knock the un-Protected Shazam (who had one token) onto Regen with Karate Kid (who would push) and then attack the same Shazam with Phantom Girl to KO him. I needed two 6s to knock out a Shazam and take control of the game.

Missed, theme-team reroll with Phantom Girl, missed again.

If I make those two rolls, even one, I stand a much better chance of winning the game. Ah well, it was not to be. The Champion got the rolls and I did not, which is all you can ask for in a well-played, no loophole-exploiting, dice game.

Everyone might want to thank the Champ for winning because, had I won, I would have chosen Man-Thing. *smiles*

After the awards were handed out and we were driving the 6 hours back to Iowa, I couldn't help but to obsess about those rolls. Even all the Shape Change rolls my opponent made weren't as bad as missing those two 6s. But, thanks to MeatLoafX, the_drubber and drdoom007, I didn't dwell on the loss for long. They really helped me focus on the positives (and there are many!) from GenCon so I thank you guys for that.

Thanks also to my opponents over the 4 days. No one ran to win on points. No one KOed one piece and then danced around for 30 minutes. No one tried to loophole-garbage me with the SIF or any other crutch. Every single one of my games saw one team entirely KOed - either mine or my opponent's. You all helped make the weekend an experience I won't ever forget.

Congrats to the new Champ! Pick the figure you want and don't listen to anyone else. You earned the right.


Wizard World Chicago 2008 is right around the corner and the HGC is preparing for war! The tournament scene for Heroclix continues to be a very competitive arena, and the HGC is attempting to work out the solution to surviving the gauntlet to come out on top. Good luck to those attending, we hope to see you there!

Also, check out the HGC board or the links section for comic book reviews from Candysuxxx and Prof Dresser, who run a podcast called THE PULL LIST. Hilarious and informative, but be aware there is spoilers(duh?)


Wish the HGC luck as it goes for it's 4th straight Wizard World win in Heroclix this weekend at WWE. Several of the crew are out there representing the little Iowan group that could. Good luck to everyone attending!


The HGC Create-A-Card Contest has a winner! Congratulations to LYONS for his winning feat entry of Concussive Blast! The card will be legal for all HGC venues during the month of April 2007, and legal for all players, not just Lyons! A very unique card that can be viewed and downloaded with this link:

Concussive Blast


You guys heard of Cory Taylor? Yeah, the bloke who won Wizard World Texas? Yeah, well, the talented dude also just won the 2007 Wizard World Los Angeles Heroclix event! The Hawkeye Game Club member made it three in a row for our little club, with Hawkeye (Fantastic Forces) as the captain of his team. This means the HGC will have to invade Wizard World East this coming summer! BIG CONGRATS TO CORY (Doom007)!


The HGC Website opens! Not much content as of yet, but it will grow. Also, make sure to stop by the HGC forums, which you can find a link for at the left. Have a happy and safe New Years everyone.


Cory Taylor of the HGC won Wizard World Texas last month. For those keeping track, that's back-to-back wins by the Hawkeye Game Club. Our small group of players had a blast in Texas and another group is already planning to take Los Angeles by storm!


The first news entry is a big one!! Our friend Pauly (aka The_drubber) won Wizard World Chicago!!! Cory (aka Doom007) took home fellowship! Both top prizes are coming to Iowa. Pauly also has a free pass into the finals of WWT this November where we will be hoping the HGC takes another top honor. Way to go, guys!

Drubber and the crew at the final match

Join in the celebration by stopping by our forums!