I just added a Booklist and a Favorite song list Check them out. BTW, the buttons I have to "View" and "sign" are for my guestbook. It may look like they're for my Slambook (since they're right on top of them) but they're not. Sign both if you'd like, and I also have the same guestbook over in my frame.
I suppose I'll explain what's in each section so it's a little easier to find:

  • About Me: This is where I write stuff about me.. you will find my "about me" page, My Picture pages, and my online diary.
  • About Life: Here you will find my Life Lessons (written by me), the Lotus Totus, and Reflections on life (both emails)
  • About People: Here you will find stuff about my friends (perhaps my enemies coming soon), and some links.
  • Writing: So far, all I have here is Poetry, I hope to write some more, and maybe some stories, essays.. etc;
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