Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
Business Consulting & Project Management Worldwide
Charles H. Hawkins III

President & Principal Consultant

501 4th Avenue SE - P.O. Box 503, White Sulphur Springs, Montana 59645, USA
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Mission Statement
Our Mission is to help clients Evaluate, Develop, and Manage business enterprises.
Our Services are available worldwide, with a particular focus on Latin America.  We are undeterred by difficult challenges, arduous conditions, and dangerous situations. 
We specialize in the wholly impossible!                                                                                                         

Since 1979, Hawkins & Associates, Inc. has completed projects for over 100 clients throughout the United States as well as in Latin America, Central Africa, and Eastern Europe.  Although most of our work has concentrated in the forest products industry, our business and management expertise is highly transferable to any industry.

Business Services
We offer comprehensive assistance to anyone who is starting, operating, or expanding any kind of business enterprise.  To bring you the best possible service, we combine our extensive general business experience with up-to-date computer programs and management techniques.  Following are a few of the ways we can help you:

          Feasibility Studies & Economic Analyses
          Business Plans & Financial Projections 
          Contract Negotiation & Administration
          Project Management 
          Startup Management 
          Crisis Management

Forestry & Timber Services
We continue to offer our traditional assistance to timber landowners and the forest products industry.  We are committed to the concept of sustainable development.  To promote wise use of natural resources, we combine our extensive forest industry experience with current concepts of forest stewardship and environmental management.  We use a variety of sophisticated techniques and computer programs to provide accurate forest inventory, appraisal, and management information.  Following are a few of the ways we can help you:

          Timber Cruising, Appraisal, Management 
          Resource Analysis & Inventory
          Harvest Planning & Management  
          Technical Studies & Reports 
          Contract Negotiation & Administration
          Forest Products Marketing

Charles H. Hawkins III is a seasoned, team-oriented business executive, manager, and forester with a highly successful track record in startup and turnaround situations.  He has more than 30 years progressive experience in all phases of operations and project management with particular strengths in feasibility analysis, business planning, and project implementation. He is recognized for exceptional organizational building skills as well as the ability to motivate others on all levels in the achievement of individual and organizational goals.  Although most of his work has been in the forest products industry, his business management and leadership skills are highly transferable to any industry.  A resume is available on request.          
Recent Projects
News Link: 
http://www.timberweb.co.uk/timberweb/cards/hawk.htm (then click on News)

Congo Tropical Timbers:
and analyzed the economic feasibility of a proposed major forest industry enterprise in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Drafted a preliminary business plan including project development details, operating plans, and long-range financial projections under alternative financing scenarios.

Kamianka-Bugska Parquet:
Worked for 30 days in Ukraine as consultant to the Kamianka-Bugska Parquet Factory.  The Company had been one of the largest producers of parquet flooring in the Soviet Union.  Evaluated the manufacturing machinery and processes, recommended machinery replacements and process reorganization, developed a long-term capital investment program, advised on creation of a comprehensive marketing plan, and drafted a business plan suitable for presentation to potential investors and venture partners.

Rancho Laurel: 
inventories, economic feasibility, and market potential for a proposed forest industry enterprise in Central America.  Drafted a complete business plan with detailed development plans, socio-economic analysis, and long-term financial projections for alternative investment scenarios.