God Have Always Hold My Hand

Personal Attention of: The President of the U.S.A. Barack Obama. You have always stated there is going to be a change . This letter has been sent to him. Whoever receives this letter, please forward this message to him. I need him to receive this letter personally. Whoever you are, thank you. If you wrote this letter you would want the President of U.S.A. to answer it personal.



Mr. Frank D. Hawkins
3000 Birchwood Drive Apt 221
Lynchburg, VA 24504


October 9, 2009

Mr. Barack Obama
President of U.S.A.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama,

God Knows I Am About To Tell The Truth
I Will Stand Before God And Tell Him The Same Thing

Take the document dated April 9, 2009. From the Department of Veteran Affairs Regional Office Roanoke, VA (VARO).

Take the documents that is or was in possession of my representative Congressman Robert (Bob) Goodlatte, President of the U.S.A., Barack Obama and others.

Will prove beyond any doubt, the VARO, have planned with criminal intent to intentionally, see that I would never be exonerated, with service connection and compensation.

President Obama, would you intervene, exonerate me, with service connection, and compensation after you have my case investigated?

I have that faith, one day the truth will come to light?

I ask President of U.S.A., Barack Obama, to ask D. Serosky, Veterans Service Center Manager of Department of Veteran Affairs Regional Office Roanoke VA, to step down immediately, resign, until there name is cleared. At no time have my true records ever been presented before any court or to me.

The records that was sent to me, were not my true records. The U.S. Military Service, they abused me, mentally. Cruelty was done to me, they aggravated my illness while I was in the U.S. Military Service, for the rest of my life. My records could have proven that I should have not been drafted into the U.S. Military Service. Fraud and conspiracy was the main factual reason these Boards denied my appeals.

President Obama, the document that I sent to you could prove beyond any doubt that the U.S. Military were responsible and guilty for aggravating my illness while I was in the U.S. Military Service and for the rest of my life. When they sent me to prison it was a deliberate cover up intentionally.

Why not arrest me for slander?

It only proves that the United States Military Justice System have abusive power to destroy your life for the rest of your life knowing that you are innocent.

With the true document that are in your possession President Barack, (be honest) if you were to stand before our Lord God, would you deny that my rights were not violated, the rules of laws was not violated, and that I have not been discriminated against for equal justice?

I am a Black Man, the U.S. Military, nor the President of the U.S.A. Obama as of this day never apologized to me for the U.S. Military wrong imprisonment over 64 years ago.

These U.S. Military Courts withheld the medical doctors report on me from these courts intentionally when they made their wrong decision on me. They knew that the records could prove that the U.S. Military was responsible and guilty for aggravating my sinus problem and sending an innocent man to prison.

Do you call this justice in any court in the U.S.A., when this court withheld medical doctors records or medical doctors statements on you, from any court intentionally, that could have proven your innocent beyond any doubt, what ever you have been accused of by convicting you or deny your appeals?

I stated in this U.S. Military Air Force Court, under oath, that I have been treated like a dog. Now I have been betrayed by my own government.

Does this make you feel very proud President Obama?

The document that are in possession of you President of U.S.A. Mr. Barack Obama, will substantiate beyond any doubt that crucial evidence was tampered with intentionally, that cause both courts to make this wrong decision on me.

President Obama, you took an oath, it is your responsibility, legal obligation and commitment to prove that you are fit to be a leader, intervene, see that justice be serve.

As long as I live, I can say that the U.S. Military knew that they were sending an innocent Black Man to prison before I had entered that U.S. Military Air Force Court Room December 26, 1944.

All the witnesses that testified against me in this U.S. Military Air Force Court, December 26, 1944, committed perjury in court. My appointed Military Counsels that represented me, misrepresented themselves, when they failed to question the witnesses that knew how I was suffering with my illness about my illness, failed to present those U.S. Military Doctors that had treated me for my illness, failed to present my records and U.S. Military Medical Records before this court December 26, 1944. They tampered with crucial records. My appointed counsels told me to disrespect my rank in the U.S. Military Air Force Court, December 26, 1944, to make their wrong decision on me.

These Boards that have refused to exonerate me with service connection and compensation, and all these Boards of Veterans Appeals, that have denied my appeals Finding of Fact for service connection for nose bleeds on the board that the condition was first clinically demonstrated many years after active service, and refused to reconsider their unmistakable errors.

The President of U.S.A, Barack Obama, and some of his staff members, have enough documents that could substantiate beyond any doubt that these Boards denied my appeals under fraud, conspiracy and that the true facts was tempered with intentionally.

I received a document from VARO, dated October 1, 2009. It claimed they have made their decision on me, and that I have a year to present new evidence.

If the President of U.S.A. Mr. Obama does not intervene and exonerate me by November 20, 2009, there is only one thing I can do, go to court. I used my camcorder in court in Washington DC, May 29, 1996. I want my case on T.V. or use a camcorder in court. To prove something.

Let's make a book deal.

-Frank D. Hawkins

Veteran Affairs
Department of Air Force