Welcome to the world of a creative soul.  Be at peace with the words and thoughts found here.  Glimpse into the realm of Awen.  The pages here in vary as will the content.  Feel free to browse.  The Silver pieces are one of a kind work.  They were born in the inner realm of Awen brought forth with pride and lots of help from the hands of My Lady. 

Use the symbols to help you journey.  This site is still evolving.  I offer The Silver Branch to all who look for it.  May it give you peace and lead well on your path.  Creations is the name I use for all my artistic attributes.  I present my Silver work here for viewing and purchase.  I create Custom pieces from your dreams and your spiritual path.  My Silver work started out reclaiming Celtic art and technique.  It has now gone to reclaiming that of the spirit.  As the tree evolves from the seed then back again so has my work.  The pieces are a few visions and are not reproduced, there can be only one.  If you wish for something or have a design ask me.  It is my hands and the Lady's heart that will produce what you will.