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Sunday, 16 June 2002

Remember last year around November when Fox FM Melbourne held a concert at Colonial Stadium? It had all the Fox Music stars performing all on the one stage, on one day and attracted 90,000 people (Syd and Melb) Well guess what..It's not a once off performance, later on this year Rumba is coming back with more stars and hopefully one corwded Colonial Stadium for the second annual Rumba Concert, more details soon. Now for you people who listen to Triple M Melbourne, There will be a similair concert held for you rockers called "M-One" and the concerts will be basically like Rumba, but apparently it's bigger, must be the amount of drinks sold from screaming your lungs out that does it. More details on Rumba and M-One Just click on the Blue writing, Both concerts are part of "Austereo Live" package, just been recently established.

Saturday, 10 August 2002
As much as I like radio programs to stay on air, and make the community happy in country Victoria, Im afraid the Toyota Outback Club is slowly forgetting it's Internet listeners. It's online features of being able to listen to the show online has been stopped at the date of 28th of June (date being on a Friday) and with many mistakes on the "Regional Broadcasting Information" such as "SHEPPERTON" instead of Shepparton and "TOOMOOBA" instead of Toowoomba, It's slowly becomming just another neglected website with mistakes what won't be fixed (even after many emails) The only way to listen to this show (now its not available on the web) is on your radio. Look at the Regional Broadcasting Information of the website, and the only corrections you need to know is that Country FM in Geelong are on 87.6 and still batteling the ABA to get a permanent licence and frequency, and 3NE has more than one transmitter as well Click here to view the site.

Saturday, 17 August 2002
Warnambool's newest radio station opened with not much of Australia knowing about it's opening, 95.3 Coast FM, part of the Ace Broadcasters (who own Mixx FM) has opened and can be found at this link and what a guess, Trent and Alice have the 6pm spot, Just like how we thought Sea FM in Gippsland would take Big Kahuna's Fat 30, but with all that said, This leaves 3YB 882 with 3 whole hours of John Laws, How exciting is that???? And while we're on the topic of John Laws, and his sucessful show, Did you know that if you tune into the right FM Stereo (or 3GV in AM Stereo) you can hear Laws in Stereo? That's just another useless fact.

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