More of me
Yes, this is more of me.  And I got this background from Sam Silverhawk.  I have a link to his page with the other links towards the end.
This is me at a tournament in Swanton.  I took second with this form.  Some of the people at the karate school said that I was the best at this form.  It was kinda cool.  I put my own little moves in it to make it look smooth.
This is the same form, same tourny, and the same ring.  The only difference is that this is a little earlier in the form.  The one above is the last move in it.  This is somewhere in the middle.
This is the fight for first place.  I am fighting the guy that beat me in weapons forms.  He beat me the year before 5/4.  But when this was taken, I beat him 5/3.  I waited a year to fight him again.  It was a good fight though.  It lasted about 3 minutes which is a long time.