Call Maker
1.    Take a piece of pre-cut latex and use scotch tape (as shown in diagram) to place latex on the base of the call maker.  Start with point A and stretch latex to desired point.  NOTE:  At this time, you should not place latex below point C.  This shows where the front of the call will be.  If you go below this point, it will cause you latex to curl or wrinkle when bending the frame.  NOTE:  Remember your first reed that you place on the base will be the top reed when the call is completed.  You can start other reeds with point A and stretch then to your desired points.

2.    After your latex is taped down, peel the adhesive tape off the back of the frame and slide your frame under the latex into point B (you may need to lift you latex while doing this to keep the frame from sticking to the latex).  Make sure the frame is aligned and the tab is in the correct slot before you bend your frame.  Be sure to bend your frame at the bending points.  When the frame is bent together, take the solid piece of aluminum and place it on top of the call maker.  Now you need to hit the solid piece of aluminum with a hammer in order to crimp the frame together.

3.    After the frame is crimped, use surgical scissors to cut off the exess latex around the frame.  Next, you need to bend the tab over and hit it with a hammer to ensure that your frame is properly crimped.  Now place your frame on the adhesive tape and bend the tape over the frame.  Cut off the excess tape.  NOTE:  Remember that where the tab was bent is going to be the bottom of your call.  You can now cut your reeds with your surgical scissors however you desire.

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