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Gabby Band Vol 2 Album

Album Name: The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, Vol 2
Label: Panini Records
Year: 1977


Gabby Pahinui: 12 and 6 String Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Leland "Atta" Isaacs: Guitar, Vocals
Sonny Chillingworth: Guitar, Vocals
Bla Pahinui: Guitar, Vocals
Cyral Pahinui: Guitar, Bass
Randy Lorenzo: Guitar, Vocals
Ry Cooder: Mandolin, Tiple


1. Po Mahina (4:27)
2. Waikiki Hula (4:33)
3. Pua Tuberose (5:21)
4. How'd Ya Do (3:18)
5. Pu'u Wa'awa'a (5:12)
6. Makapu'u Beach (2:46)
7. Pua Kukui (3:49)
8. Kilakila o Moanalua (2:43)
9. No Ke Ano Ahiahi (9:32)

About the Album...

This was the Band's final album and was a successful follow-up to the inaugural Gabby Band release. Six of these tracks were recorded at the same Aug/Sep 1974 North Kona recording sessions that spawned the first Gabby Band album.

The three other tracks (Waikiki Hula, Kilakila O Moanalua, and No Ke Ano Ahiahi) were recorded at the Warner Bros. Recording Studio in Hollywood. On these three tracks Gabby sings and plays just about all the instruments (6 and 12 String Guitars, Baritone and 8 String 'Ukuleles, Bass, and Steel Guitar). Each track was laid down individually and mixed once all tracks were laid down. This was a great accomplishment for a Hawaiian musician at this point in time.

The album features a total of 9 tracks including traditional standards and an original by Gabby's son Bla.





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