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All students will be taught a variety of skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lessons that will enable them to:

    Find things out
    Develop ideas and make things happen
    Exchange and share information

    Review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses

Each student will be given targets based upon National Curriculum levels.

Throughout the years students will be using a range of software applications to develop skills in word processing, desktop publishing, presentations, design, spreadsheets, databases, designing web pages, emailing, and accessing the Internet. Students will be taught in mixed ability groups at Key Stage 3 and in ability sets at Key Stage 4. Students in years 7 and 8 will have a lesson every week, year 9 will have two lessons a week and year 10 and 11 will undertake 3 lessons per week. Students will use ICT to enhance their work and learning in other areas of the curriculum and develop their ability to judge how and when to use ICT.

Each year study a different course:

Year 8-11: GNVQ

Year 12-13 AVCE 

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