~*~Jerri's Haygood Fan Page~*~

Hey! And Welcome to yet, another Haygood Fan Page!:) I am making this page for all my Haygood Buddies and also because I will really miss the Haygoods after this year at
SDC, and I want us all to remember our Haygood Memories!
So, anyways... here it goes! Hope you like it! :þ

Well, I just got back from seeing the Haygood's new show for the summer! It is totally AWESOME! And for everyone who wasn't there for opening day, I don't want to ruin it for you so all I am going to say is that it is great and I know you all will LOVE IT! Look forward to seeing you all soon!
  ~Peace, Love, and Haygoods~

~*~ My  Haygood Buddies ~*~

Kayla Morrison- Hey! It's been great getting to know you since we met at SDC! I am really looking forward to this summer and tearin' up the walls at Branson!
I think this year will be a BLAST! !Watch out Branson.. Here we come!:)
Oh and Good Luck with D.H... (I wonder who that might be) ; )

Leah Johnson- Hey! It's been great hanging with you at SDC.. I am really going to miss it when the Haygoods leave.. You were the first one to formally introduced me to any of the Haygoods! And for that I thank you tons! Had it not been for you, I probably would not have ever said a word to any of them! Not, that I say much besides "Hey!" now anyways..

Amy Allen- Hey! It's been great getting to know ya too! I still can't believe Michael couldn't understand what you were talking about when you were asking him if he liked
Ice Cream.. lol..:)

Amy Lynne- Hey! Sorry it's taking me so long to get my HFD stuff together! I am really looking forward to it! I think it's going to be cool! I hope it turns out as well, as everyone is hoping! It'll be totally AWESOME if it does, and I am sure it will! : )

Rachel and Alexis Williams- Hey Girls!  Look forward to catching up with you sometime this summer!

Tobè Kelsey- Hey! It's been great getting to knowing ya too! You are way to lucky getting to live in Branson and going to SDC whenever you want! I would so give anything to be able to do that! But, having to wait to see the Haygoods just makes them better!: ) Look forward to seeing you this year too!:)

Kasie Morrison-Hey! It's been great getting to know you too! Matt is getting tons cuter! And I was right when I said you guys would stomp us in Volleyball.. But, oh well at least we finished with 3rd..

Jeanna Rector- Hey Lil Sis! How could I forget you? I am glad that you started coming with us to SDC! It's been a BLAST! You want some of "Stinky's" Disani Water? LOL.. :)


Oh and a HUGE thanks to my Mom! Without her I wouldn't be able to make all of those wonderful trips to Branson to see the Haygoods or any of my Haygood Buddies! Oh, and POPS.. a big thanks to you too for watching all of those Haygood Videos over and over day and night! I know they annoyed you.. but, you let me watch them anyways! : )


Welpers, those are my Haygood Buddies! I call 'em my Haygood Buddies, because I have meet them at Haygood shows.. and theyare all Haygood fans too.. and I am sure they will miss them at SDC too! After all, they are what makes SDC the coolest place on EARTH!

OK here are some pictures of the Haygoods and some of my Haygood Buddies! And for those of you who I don't have any of I'm sorry.. I will have to get some this year! And if you have some you want me to put up.. Send them to me andI would be more than
happy too! The more the better! : )

Here's Me and Dominic Haygood.. This was taken a couple of years ago..

Here's Dom in the Summer 2000 show and Michael after one of the shows!


Here are some pictures we took one day before a show
because we got really bored waiting on it to start!
Bean's in the red shirt, Leah's in the Blue shirt, and Me in the Pink shirt!

This is Me holding Crissi (my sister's step-daughter), Amy Allen holding Nikki
(My sister's other step-daughter), Jeanna, Matt, Shaun, and Michael!


Here's the littlest Haygoods, Aaron Simon and
Catherine Francis.. Aren't they cute!? : )

Here's Michael in the Summer 2000 Show singing Country Boy!
What a cute Country Boy he is! : )

Here's Dom and Michael during Country Boy ~ Summer 2000

And here's Michael during the finale of the show.. they were singing "Celebrate!"

Well, this is my page so far! I just started working on it .. and I hope to get pictures and stories from other Haygood Fans to put on it!

E-mail me at haygoodfreak@hotmail.com if you have any comments or suggestions

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked it!
Have a Good Day!
God Bless You!
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