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Indonesia, Surabaya

TEFL Course Schedule

(TESOL Certification)

04 May - 29 May 2009
01 June - 26 June 2009
06 July -31 July 2009
03 August - 28 August 2009
07 September - 02 October 2009
05 October - 30 October 2009
02 November - 27 November 2009
30 November - 25 December 2009

Located right in Surabaya and near some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world, our TESOL Course Indonesia center is, if not in paradise, at least next door to it. With a wide variety of social and cultural activities, water sports and other activities, vibrant nightlife, delectable Indonesian cuisine, friendly people and close proximity to an abundance of teaching opportunities, Surabaya (and surrounding areas) is sure to have what you are looking for in a learning location.

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Tefl Indonesia

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Email Netty Poernomo
Wayne Duplessis

Admin Tefl Indo

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Phone +62 31 5669425 / (tel ~txt)+62 31 70391074
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Postal TEFL International Indonesia
Raya Darmo Permai III/A-9
Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 60221
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Get Online TEFL Course Certification from the Best TESOL Course Certification School and Teach English abroad
Welcome to one of the world's most prominent TEFL Course providers.
Training to facilitate Teaching English Abroad.
With an ever-increasing variety of locations across the globe, we offer you the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized Teachers Training Certificate while basking in the paradise of your choice. From Egypt to England, Spain to Vietnam or Costa Rica to New Zealand, we are where you want to Teach English or begin your English teaching experience.

We are validated and moderated by our Board of Academic Advisors that include many of the biggest names in the industry and also include dozens of local language professionals in our locations around the world. So you can be assured of the highest standards from us. Wherever and whenever you take one of our certification for Teachers Training you can be assured it will be quality.

TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a certification this is the major qualification required by learning institutions to Teach Abroad. Upon completion you will have the credentials required to work or Teach English Abroad as a teacher in non-native English speaking countries. Upon completion of your TEFL Certification you will be well on your way to experiencing foreign cultures, languages and embarking upon your new career as an English teacher teaching abroad or home. The current demand for Teach Abroad teachers is huge and with our certificate you too can experience the world with new and interesting opportunities arising daily in almost every country. No previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications are required. The only requirement is fluency in English.

Our jobs or employment or prospects for graduates of various programs are excellent. You will find English Teaching job opportunities throughout the world, from Italy to South Korea, France to Thailand. There are literally thousands of English Teaching jobs abroad for certified EFL teachers.

We welcome all applications, regardless of sex, age, race or nationality.
Our Worldwide Locations

We offer a complete range of support services for Teaching English Abroad including:


Teacher training in Indonesia


So, you want to be a teacher.

That's good,because we want to train you.

Not just standard training, but the kind of instruction that will prepare you for the real world of teaching in Indonesia, China, South Korea and Taiwan. We have branches in 17 countries and counting.

Tefl International in Indonesia

Dear Candidates
For those candidates who will be joining our October course; please confirm (by phone or email) your bookings,pay your deposits -if you haven't already done so - and confirm whether you'll be needing accommodation.

For those joining our November course; please confirm the above no later than mid-October.

Thank you for your time, patience and interest

Yours sincerely,Wayne Duplessis

Get certified and teach English.
Teach English and see the world.

Get Online TEFL Course Certification from the Best TESOL Course Certification School and Teach English abroad

ABOUT TEFL International

TEFL International encompasses almost every aspect of Education, from outstanding teacher training to innovative curriculum development. From Language programs to pre-school education. Because our English school is the product of years of experience, research and dedication to the ESL community, we can guarantee highly-qualified teachers, the most effective methodologies and, the assurance that your education is being managed by industry leaders.

Our History

Originally opened in 1998 as a Trinity Teachers Training course, TEFL International quickly expanded and became independent in 2000. Since then, we’ve opened teacher training centers on four continents, in fifteen different countries. In addition to our wide range of Teachers certificate programs, we offer adventure camps and language schools and pre-schools.

Where we are


About Us: TEFL International

TEFL International is a place where change is a constant. We're all learning and everybody's having fun! Our highly trained staff will work closely with you to ensure you an educational, fun, challenging and unique experience that will provide you with a means to travel, live and work throughout the world indefinitely.

TEFL International is a non-profit international training organization that creates inter-cultural opportunities for our customers through teacher education, language training, camps and internships.

We strive to be a fun, creative, responsive, culturally sensitive, high value company that focuses ultimately upon individual growth and customer satisfaction.

TEFL International is externally validated and moderated by IATQUO (International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organizations) and certified to meet international standards (more than six hours of observed teaching practice and over 100 hours of classroom time).


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Tefl International Indonesia Campus Address:
Raya Darmo Permai 111/A-9 Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia Netty Poernomo
Phone: 62 31 731 7352
Wayne Phone: 62 31 566 9425
Our Course Dates TEFL International Indonesia is offering the next courses for 2009/2010. Apply now.
Dates for Tefl Indonesia Course
Dates listed are for Training inputs and teaching practices. · Trainees will have two weeks of supervised teaching practice. · Class inputs will be four weeks, including two weeks of intensive (observed and unobserved) teaching practice.
TESOL Course Indonesia, Surabaya - Schedule

04 May - 29 May 2009
01 June - 26 June 2009
06 July -31 July 2009
03 August - 28 August 2009
07 September - 02 October 2009
05 October - 30 October 2009
02 November - 27 November 2009
30 November - 25 December 2009

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